With Thanksgiving approaching, you may be reflecting on everything for which you’re grateful. Family, friends, and food are probably what pops into your head first (mmm… mashed potatoes!). But next, you may think about your customers. After all, you wouldn’t have food without them. You also wouldn’t have a way to provide for your family, and you would have no time to spend with your friends as a result of having to work several jobs to put food on the table.

Though your clients may generally be an afterthought during the holidays, during this season of Thanksgiving, you should put them first and foremost in your mind. Loyal and long-lasting customers are absolutely something to be grateful for. According to Bain & Company, engaging new customers is 6 to 7 times more expensive than retaining current ones. That’s why this Thanksgiving, you should be most thankful to your loyal and long-lasting customers!

Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose loyal customers when they’re just an afterthought. Your team might not work as hard to clean their facilities because they’ve become complacent. Someone consistently forgets to empty a trash can in an office, and the customer finally gets fed up. That’s why in this whitepaper we have 11 strategies you can use to retain your clients and turn them into loyal and long-lasting customers. Ask yourself:

  • Do I listen to my customers when they voice a concern?
  • Do I pay close attention to the work my team’s performing and ensure that it’s up to par?
  • Do I keep my employees happy with raises, praises, and upward mobility?
  • Do I reach out to customers in small, unexpected, and thoughtful ways?
If you could use some help in any of these areas, you need to download this whitepaper. You should easily be able to turn your clients into loyal and long-lasting customers by ensuring that they feel heard, valued, and taken care of. Be sure to check out the sections about Janitorial Manager’s Client Portal and Messaging App for even more help employing the 11 strategies.