Gain competitive advantage with your janitorial marketing message

The race is on to capture new clients and the competition is fierce! But before you start panicking at the thought of dropping your prices (again!) in an effort undercut the other guys’ quotes, understand that it’s not always the price of the service that comes first to your customers’ minds anymore.

Yes, price point is certainly important. But sometimes, something as simple as your janitorial marketing message can set you apart in even more valuable ways.

Towards that end, here are three thoughts to ponder:

Your Janitorial Marketing Message Should Be About Your Customers… Not About You.

Your customers have specific needs and expectations… Do they know that you recognize that?

When you intentionally shape your janitorial marketing message so that it speaks to the specific needs of your potential customers, it shifts perspective away from what’s important to you and aims it, instead, on what’s important to them… this gets their attention.

Say your current marketing message promotes that you’re a local, family-owned company founded by your great-grandfather in 1912 and that you’ve served some of the most respected businesses in town since that time… You’re proud of these facts, and rightfully so!

But will these tidbits of information really move your clients into action?

Perhaps instead, you could use these same facts but tailor them in ways that speak to your target audience’s specific needs or interests. For example:

  • You are a commercial cleaning company in business for the long run – which means your customers won’t have to go through the process of finding someone new in just a few months. 
  • Founded as a locally owned small family business, the dollars your customers spend with you are invested back into community you both love, instead of going to some faceless corporate conglomerate far, far away!
  • Share positive testimonials from some of your most respected and recognizable customers to prove your ability to dependably respond to clients’ needs quickly and with excellence.

…you get the picture!

Realize the Weight of Responsibility You Carry

The work you do has a direct impact on your customers’ customers.

The “perception is reality” culture of today is such that if people see that a company’s facility isn’t kept clean, then they often assume the quality of work performed by that company won’t be satisfactory, either!

This means you don’t just clean your customers’ floors, ensure the cleanliness of their restrooms, or polish the entry door windows. No – you play an active role in maintaining those businesses’ public image to their customers!

When you are openly confident that you and your team can successfully carry that level of responsibility, it sets you apart from the others – and should be included in your janitorial marketing message!

Do remember, though, that your customers’ perception of how you do business also matters! For example, if you’re not using modern equipment, well maintained tools or a quality business management software, they may question the quality of your work, as well. Be sure to put your best foot forward…

If You Talk the Talk, You Must Walk the Walk!

Once you gain new customers, are you equipped with the tools necessary to keep them satisfied?

One of the worst things you could do to your customers, is to the “bait and switch.” Meaning, your janitorial marketing message could say all the right things to win them over… but if you’re not able to follow through with your promises and meet their needs, you have ultimately failed them, and yourself.

So, if you promote your willingness to maintain open communication with your customers, and the ability to make work order requests quick and easy… you must!

If you tout the ability to ensure quality performance from your team through thorough inspections and reportingdo just that!

If you talk about your consistent scheduling and prompt responses of your cleaning team… you’ll need to keep on top of it!

If you say you can keep up with today’s technologybe ready to prove it!

Does it make you nervous to make these kinds of promises to your customers, knowing the current status of your staff, record-keeping, and modes of communication?

Let Janitorial Manager Help You Out…

Let’s face it – The pressure to provide flawless results for every client (as you’ve likely promised!) can feel a little overwhelming sometimes… We could all could use a little help meeting customers’ needs and high expectations!

Using a quality commercial cleaning software – like Janitorial Manager – is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success! This easy-to-use online system supports your efforts by giving you the behind-the-scenes service management that you need to juggle the day-to-day tasks of your business, like:

  • Customizing cleaning instructions unique to each location
  • Quoting, scheduling and completing works orders through a custom client portal
  • Auto-calculations of labor costs, supply costs, P&L, and ROI
  • Employee clock ins and outs from landline or mobile devices… and via GPS tracking!
  • Applying labor data filters from the JM software through ChronoTek and QuickBooks
  • Inspections, Supply Tracking, Client Communications, and more!

It doesn’t seem so daunting when you know you could be equipped with such a secret weapon, right?

Learn more about how you can develop (and proudly market!) your commercial cleaning business through offering state-of-the-art services supported by today’s technology – Connect with us today to request a FREE DEMO of the Janitorial Manager software!