English writer and artist, John Ruskin, once said, “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

This statement holds true in any industry, including commercial cleaning.

Call it human nature, but you know, as well as anyone, that if left to their own processes and preferences (and without quality control software!), your employees would likely put forth as little effort as possible to complete the checklist of tasks necessary for each of your clients.

The result is undermotivated employees, unhappy clients, and lost business.

This is why you, as the business owner, need to put forth that “intelligent effort” that Ruskin references, to create a structure that leads towards quality employee performances, satisfied clients, and booming business!

Guide Your Employees to Success
It can feel like a full-time gig just keeping your employees trained, motivated, and performing to a high level. With all the other plates that you have spinning in your business, quality control software is your solution. There are many ways that this fact can be proven true in your businesses, but here are just four benefits:

Quality Control is key. Don’t let poor quality cost you clients.

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1. Define Expectations

When your crew enters a building site, do they know what your expectations of them are, other than, to “Clean it up”?

Do they know that every location is different with varying degrees of client requirements regarding health criteria, regulations, customer standards, etc.? Or is every job just seen as being, “more of the same”?

You can train each of your new employees on the steps for each job, but how are those expectations maintained beyond the training period?

This is where quality control software comes in.

Customizable client accounts provide checklists of responsibilities to be attended to at each site. Special instructions can be added to tasks in real-time, and work orders can be assigned to team members to complete. Each essential task correlates directly with the custom mobile-friendly inspections checklist, so employees know that tasks must not only be done but done well!

If questions arise regarding missed jobs, the expectations set by the task list becomes Ground Zero for the conversation. The excuse of, “I didn’t know!”, ceases to exist.

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2. Measure Performance

No one enjoys the ever-amassing pile of unread inspections reports, employee behavior writeups, and notes of questions or concerns, piling up on their desk or in their truck.

No one.

It’s stressful, overwhelming, and all adds up to useless, never-seen information!

This is why it’s such a relief when all statements, reports, and requests throughout the week are produced via a quality control software and contained in any smart handheld device – a tablet, laptop, or even a cell phone!

The streamlined dashboard reporting allows quick, convenient reviews of the work being performed by each employee. The customizable, automated reports provide a standardized baseline for offering corrective (or complimentary!) conversations regarding bad (or good!) performance over time, without having to worry about accusations or questions about consistency.

3. Protect Your Bottom Line

Following up with inspections is an important component of the quality control process, but they take so much time to collect, read, file and act on!

If you never sort through the scribbled pages of inspections reports that your managers are supposed to be completing, and if you’re not even sure that the reports are anywhere near accurate, you’re wasting time and money.

If you’re paying employees to be present at your customers’ sites, but only half of the necessary work is getting done… and even that isn’t being done well… you’re wasting time and money.

There’s a common theme here: Stop wasting your time and money!

If these points are not enough to convince you that an affordable quality control software is worth the investment to implement, consider this: Clients will not hesitate to terminate contracts with any company that is failing to provide the expected level of service. A quality control software establishes a level of internal accountability that can be double-checked before a client discovers an unsatisfactory job. This extra level of protection helps you maintain your existing clients and sets a standard of excellence for new clients coming in.

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4. Measure Successes & Failures

In order for cleaning companies to maintain their competitive edge and to continually improve the way they do business, they must be able to measure quality. Sure, you could try to just use inspections reports as a measure. But the most effective indicator is the retention and defection rates of your customers. It’s easy to miss these wins and losses in the heat of the moment.

Quality control software gives you the insights needed to track these patterns and trends.

With this information, you can then identify and prevent the main causes for customer loss. You can also find the strengths that your company offers that keep customers happy. Strategically leverage both of these angles to retain your current clients and to gain new accounts who will appreciate the work that you do well!

Get the Upper Hand with Quality Control Software

Promises of quality assurance should be more than just a catchphrase, or a happy accident…“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

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