You watch for new businesses in your community. You go to exploratory meetings with potential clients. You work hard to submit proposals that you hope will blow their socks off. But you don’t get the business. One of the key reasons why your bottom line is starving for new business could be that you aren’t using a janitorial service software that sets you up to win new accounts and keep your current ones. You’re at a distinct disadvantage without it. Skeptical? Here are just three examples of why it’s true: Without Janitorial Service Software, You Are Viewed As:

1.) …A Dinosaur

How many people do you know without a smartphone? If you could name three, I’d be impressed. And then I would ask you if those individuals were currently working as a thriving business owner. If your answer is, “no,” perhaps you should think twice before setting your business up to follow their example. Today’s business owners need to be on the frontlines of the technology that is moving the world forward. Whether you move forward by using smartphones, cleaning products that are claiming larger niche markets, or utilizing a janitorial service software that is accessible on a computer, tablet, or app, you must be on the ball. If you’re not, you risk seeing your business go the way of the dinosaurs…

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2.) …Just Another One in A Million

Along the same vein, gone are the days of businesses learning about you and your cleaning services via simple word of mouth, door-to-door communications, or paper mailers. Today’s customers are internet-savvy and have the world at their fingertips at any given time (as do you!). They have access to, literally, hundreds (perhaps thousands!) of options when it comes to commercial cleaning contractors with the click of a computer button. If you don’t have a presence online, you’re missing out. If you do have a presence online, you need to be able to feature and tout the benefits of choosing YOU over all the rest. When you’re competing against everyone else, you don’t want to be passed over simply because everyone else is using a janitorial service software and you aren’t. Don’t be the one who is easy to eliminate. Leverage quality software to stay in the running and to stand out from the crowd!

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3.) …Unable to Catch ‘Em and Keep ‘Em

Software, such as that available from Janitorial Manager, serves to not only help keep your business organized and your customers appraised of essential information, but it also works to support your employee retention efforts. If you’re not known for being invested into your business through the use of such an affordable janitorial service software, it can be surmised that you’re equally as lax about investing into your employees. Everyone knows that the main expense and frustration of owning a commercial cleaning company is gaining, losing, hiring, and rehiring employees. If staff members feel that they are dispensable, poorly communicated with, or that a boss at a competitor across town might be providing more contemporary tools and support to their team, you are likely to keep fighting that losing battle. You see, the problem of high employee turnover isn’t just an issue for you, as the business owner. High employee turnover clearly affects the stability, confidence, abilities, and success of the individual. It weakens your cleaning team’s unity and ability to perform well. And your customers will be disturbed to have a rotating door of new faces coming and going in their business locations. If you choose to upgrade to a janitorial service software that equips your employees to succeed – for you, for your customers, and for themselves – you position yourself to keep everyone happier and feeling more fulfilled.

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