So after much deliberation and consideration, you bit the bullet and invested in janitorial software for your commercial cleaning company. You made the right decision! This type of software will not only enhance organization for you and your employees, but it will help your business prosper in ways you never thought it could!

However, as with any change, you may be feeling overwhelmed – how do you use this software? What can this software do, exactly? In what ways can this software help my business? Look no further! Here are 5 tips to help you use the tools in this new software, and help you succeed on a daily basis.

Use it anywhere

One of the reasons you chose this type of software is for convenience – saving time is a huge plus for anyone who owns their own business. If your janitorial software is worth its salt, you should be able to use it anywhere, on any device. As technology progresses, and as your schedule demands, you need a program that can be accessed at any time on whichever device you have handy – your smartphone, your tablet or your PC.

Scheduling at a glance

Calendars are nothing new, but when you’re dealing with numerous work orders, multiple employees and clients, and countless inspections, one calendar could never handle everything. Or could it? The scheduling options in your janitorial software should offer you a functional calendar, where you can choose the options you need, to see what you need to see and not what you don’t, in a format that works for you – daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Manage your people well

For a lot of commercial cleaning company owners, management is a new concept – you started your business on your own, you only had to worry about yourself and you did all the work! But now, your company has grown, you have had to hire employees, your client list has gotten longer, and you have added the title of Manager to your business cards! Your janitorial software should give you, your employees and your clients the availability and access needed to handle all of your day-to-day work in a timely and organized fashion.

Know your inventory

One area that can make or break your business is knowing your supply inventory. As you add clients and new products to your work orders, your software needs to be able to organize the information so you know what you have already, what you need for each job and which supplier you use for each product. Also, having an option to see how your budget compares to your costs will help you make the best decisions about the products and suppliers you use (and what or who you should stop using!)

Simplify your finances

While all of these other aspects are important, your bottom line is your main concern, especially when you own your own company. Your software should provide performance data, breaking down your revenue, profit, expenses, and losses across all areas, for all of your clients, and for any time frame you choose, giving you the results in an easily understandable format.

Get the right Janitorial Software!

Janitorial software can be a huge advantage to your business, but if your software program doesn’t do all of the above (and more), then you need to consider changing to Janitorial Manager. Our program is efficient, user friendly, and affordable. Contact us today for a free demo – let us show you why Janitorial Manager is the best option for your business.