If you’ve already read the, 6 Advantages of Web Based Commercial Cleaning Business Software – part 1,you’re already aware that a software platform from the Cloud:

  • Is user friendly
  • Is multi-device accessible
  • Provides personalized portals
  • Allows instant access

If you haven’t already read that article, start here.


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Above and Beyond Proof

The next six benefits of incorporating web based commercial cleaning business software into your daily operations, are incredibly practical. As you read them, picture your specific business in your mind. Consider the various situations where these points could come into play… and then give Janitorial Manager a call to schedule a FREE demo of the web-based software to see it in action for yourself!

Stay in Your Lane

You’re good at what you do. Your web based software company is good at what they do. When you partner with a company like Janitorial Manager (JM), you’re able to get the best of both worlds! JM’s first-rate tech team takes care of the software customizations, setups, updates, backups and security, so that you can stay on track, meeting your employees’ needs and providing excellent service to your customers. You already keep track of information in your business. Let the JM team show you how you can do it more efficiently… and far less stressfully!

Confidence in the Face of Disaster

If you were to consider what you would have to do in the event of a disaster – a fire, flood, tornado, you name it! – you might think that your only loss would be your only resources at risk would be your location, vehicles, and your people. However, if you are working from file cabinets of customer information, desktop software on only a few computers that contain your invoices, contracts, agreements and business materials, or piles of paper on your desk… if you lose your office, you lose everything. That’s terrifying. Using a web based commercial cleaning business software ensures that you are able to continue servicing your employees, sending out your employees, and keeping everyone in the loop, without fear, come what may.

Safety First

Perhaps you are using computers and traditional software in your business already. Maybe you have information saved on your desktop, USB drives, CD disks, or maybe even backed up on portable hard drives. But what happens if any of these pieces of tech are stolen or lost? What if not everyone keeps up with the latest security patches and updates? How much of your customers’ (or your business’s!) sensitive information is available for the taking? Using a web based commercial cleaning business software ensures your data is stored on secure, backed-up, updated servers… which creates a safer world for both you and your clients.

Always Available

Have you ever been looking for a document, and realized too late that you have the wrong computer with you? Or no computer with you? Have you needed to find a customer’s address, number, name… and you’ve got nothing? This problem ceases being a problem, when you have your data stored online in a web based commercial cleaning business software! If you have any Internet-linked device with you, you can have the full realm of information for your business at your fingertips! Your information is centralized and accessible from the web – safe, secure, and available.

Simple, is Super!

You have new crew members rotating in and out, constantly. Who has time to train each one of these individuals on a complicated, multi-step, confusing software? No one. That’s who! The web based commercial cleaning business software of today is simple, streamlined, user-friendly, and requires very little up-front training to get started. Your customers don’t want to have to jump through hoops in order to get the best service from you, either. Simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use software allows them relax and learn to trust you from day one.

Easy installation and implementation

If you’ve ever wrestled with the software downloading process on a desktop computer, you know how much time it takes, and how agitating it is to have to purchase multiple downloads for multiple devices! Web based software is accessible on any device at any time, simply by signing in online! You never have to download updates and or software installations yourself. No muss. No fuss.


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One More BONUS BENEFIT of Web Based Commercial Cleaning Business Software…

Unlike desktop software, web based commercial cleaning business software can be easily customized to accommodate for your unique needs. For example, the inspection checklist can be tailored for each customer’s location. The supply list can specify exactly what expenses are chalked up to each account. The dashboards for each customer and employee can be detailed down to exactly what they need to see, right up front. Reports and historic data can be compiled to intuitively produce just the data you need to make the daily decisions in your business that are currently taking way longer than they should!

To see just how helpful a web based commercial cleaning business software can be for your day-to-day operations, give Janitorial Manager a call, or request a FREE demo, today!

(Still not convinced? Check out, 6 Advantages of Web Based Commercial Cleaning Business Software – Part 1 …Then give us a call!)