Do you need an employee dress code policy for a commercial cleaning company? You do if you want to get these benefits.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to take your commercial cleaning company to the next level, an employee dress code policy can work wonders. And while a dress code might require a shift in expectations, especially if you already have an established team, the benefits will wipe out any doubts about the move. 

There are some things to be aware of and consider, however.

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Employee Dress Code Policy

4 Factors to consider for a dress code

Before we get to the benefits, there are some things to keep in mind regarding an employee dress code policy. 

1. Safety comes first. Some of the details may change depending on where you work; however, there are safety considerations for employee attire. For example, close-toed shoes are safer than sandals. And you may need to consider climate conditions, such as unusually hot or cold spaces where your employees may be working. 

2. You may need to pay for a uniform. Check your state labor laws on this for the details, but at least in some states (if not all), you’re required to supply the uniform if it’s part of an employee dress code policy. And you can’t take the cost of the uniform out of an employee’s pay. That said, this may also depend on what your dress code is. For example, if employees are required to wear a polo shirt with your company logo on it, you’ll need to supply that. On the other hand, if your dress code requires a polo shirt without a logo, employees may need to supply that themselves. Again, though, check your state laws. 

3. Neat and clean. Whether you have clothing with a logo or not, it’s always a good idea to make it clear that you expect your team to show up with clothing that is neat, clean, and in good shape. You might even consider supplying each of your team members with two or three uniforms to help ensure that issues like doing laundry don’t prevent them from having a clean uniform to wear. 

4. Make room for accommodations. The more simple your dress code is, the easier it is to accommodate things like religious or cultural attire, clothing that enhances comfort (while still meeting dress code policies), or other variations on the base-level dress. But even if your policy is in-depth, it’s helpful (and possibly legally required) to offer accommodations. 

The 5 benefits of an employee dress code policy for your commercial cleaning team

1. Professional image. When your team shows up to a job wearing matching shirts and pants, your company looks like they take the job seriously. Consider it part of your company branding. A crisp, clean shirt with your logo on it can improve the perception of your business. 

2. Instills confidence in your team. One benefit of an employee dress code policy is that it gives your clients more confidence in your team. It may seem silly, given that job performance and a dress code don’t really impact one another. Even so, it goes back to that professional image, and it helps your clients feel good about hiring you. 

3. Safety. An employee dress code policy can improve the safety of your team and your customers. For example, shirts with a company logo make it easy to identify your employees, so everyone knows who is in the building, especially after hours

4. It’s free marketing. Outside of the initial cost of the uniforms, a dress code that includes clothing with your logo is free advertising. Your customers have their own customers and clients, some of whom may be looking for a commercial cleaning company themselves. 

5. Your team is always appropriate. With an employee dress code policy that includes a uniform, you never have to worry about anyone coming to work dressed inappropriately. Be aware, though, that you’ll need to consider what your company branding and logo is here. Appropriateness can be interpreted in numerous ways by your clients. 

Like many policies, your employee dress code policy may develop over time. That’s expected as your commercial cleaning company grows or unforeseen issues come up. That’s okay. Your policy doesn’t have to be perfect right from the start. Just be aware of your state laws regarding uniforms and try to do the best you can. 

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