Can you create more customized cleaning plans with less effort and time? You can if you go digital.

Your customers aren’t carbon copies of each other, which means your cleaning plans aren’t either. Even businesses with similar floorplans and layouts will have some differences in what they ask of you. The differences grow even more apparent when you change the types of facilities, square footage, or the operations within the walls. Cleaning an elementary school, for example, won’t be very much like cleaning a retail shop. 

If you’re handwriting cleaning plans for each of your customers, you’re doing a lot of the same work over and over. Even if you have a basic template, you still need to customize the actual plan. For example, how many floors, bathrooms, or break rooms are there? Are you looking at hard flooring like wood or concrete? Maybe it’s carpet? Will you change HVAC filters? How many are there? How often will you change them?

That’s a lot of writing and changing things around every single time you create a proposal or write up a checklist for your team.

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Cleaning Plans

Discover the 7 benefits of digital cleaning plans for your small commercial cleaning company

You just completed a walkthrough on a new location. You’re putting your proposal together, adding up estimated hours, supply costs, and thinking about how you’ll schedule your team. Then, just as you’re about to hand over the proposal, your soon-to-be client asks if you could use green cleaning supplies. 

If you’re working with paper and pencil, well, you might as well grab that coffee since you have to rework the entire plan. However, one of the many benefits of working with digital cleaning plans is that a change like this is pretty much just clicking a button. In fact, that’s our first benefit.

1. Customizable on the fly. Digital cleaning plans let you alter almost anything with a few clicks. You can add a room, a specific cleaning product, change the frequency of cleaning, and add or delete any task. 

2. You can still use templates. That’s one of the nice things about going digital. You can use templates to give you a big headstart on a cleaning plan, but because it’s digital, you aren’t stuck with trying to make your reality fit into a pre-made template. The template is there to serve you!

3. Schedule with ease. Scheduling can get complicated. It’s like a game of chess sometimes, figuring out who can be where, which people work well together, or who has the skills or certification for a particular task. Just like customizing a proposal, digital cleaning plans let you move schedules around with ease, helping you create the most effective plan.

4. Easier for your team to communicate. When your plans and checklists are all digital, your team doesn’t have to ask if something was done. Nor is there the chance that they’ll duplicate tasks, since everything is right there at hand. 

5. Your clients can follow your progress. When you add QR codes to digital cleaning plans, your clients can scan any room to see if it was cleaned or not. That takes the stress out of wondering if your team is done or not. 

6. Easy to fulfill requests. Your clients will occasionally ask for extra attention to a conference room or additional refills for soap dispensers or all manner of things. With digital cleaning plans, you can add it right in without trying to catch up with your team or get in touch with your client. 

7. Always there when you need it. This might be one of the best benefits of digital cleaning plans. Since it’s not on paper, you don’t need to worry about losing it, getting it wet, or forgetting it at the office. With cloud-based digital plans and checklists, your plans are always there, whether you’re on a cell phone or tablet. 

Those aren’t the only benefits, though. If you go all in on digital, you can get software that includes checklists, bidding templates, communication apps, inventory tracking, scheduling, timekeeping, and even inspections all together in one spot. Ready to try it out?

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