Save more than the environment by switching to paperless work orders.

Sometimes making the smallest of changes can make the most significant impact on a company’s success. If you’re looking for the next way to better your business, then paperless work orders are definitely the best place to start. You may be wondering what impact you can make from something as seemingly insignificant as eliminating one form, but just ask the countless companies who have ditched the paper and gone entirely digital.

Industries all over the globe are going paperless and with good reason. It’s not only about going green and doing your part to save the planet. According to Iron Mountainthe average office uses around10,000 pieces of paper per person, at the cost of $500 each. That price doesn’t even include the cost of office supplies such as printers, copy machines, and toner. Plus, you need to find office space and filing cabinets to store all that paper. Then you need employees to file completed work orders and client contracts. By eliminating paper, businesses can reduce mundane office tasks and focus on their area of expertise. Of course, the same goes for cleaning businesses. All you need is a robust janitorial software platform, and you can start enjoying the best benefits of paperless work orders.

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Paperless Work Orders

The top three reasons why cleaning businesses need paperless work orders

1. Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks

It may not seem like a big deal to handwrite work orders, but when you consider how many clients you have, that’s a lot of time every day dedicated to filling out paperwork. Then you have to organize and file completed forms for reference and audit purposes. Now consider what happens when a work order goes missing. That’s even more time spent in the office instead of on the road doing what you and your team do best – cleaning.

When you use paperless work orders provided by comprehensive janitorial software, you can save time and eliminate redundant clerical tasks like creating and filing work orders. Recurring client work orders populate automatically, ensuring all contracted duties are assigned, and nothing is ever left behind. As soon as a facility is clean, your staff can use their mobile devices to mark tasks complete. To-do lists are updated, and work orders are instantly archived. All past work orders are stored in a digital cloud, so nothing ever gets lost, and everyone has access to client information at all times. Previous work orders are easily searchable by client or facility, and you don’t have to worry about filing them ever again.

2. Increase productivity and become more profitable

Managing a janitorial team is a busy job. On top of coordinating training, equipment maintenance, and quality control activities, you still have to find time to be sure your crew is making the most of their hours on the clock. It’s not just because of payroll expenses, either. When your team is efficient, they’re a lot more profitable. According to a Gallup study, productive workers can bring in four times more profits than those that are disengaged. 

By using paperless work orders, you can fill everyone’s day with productive janitorial activities instead of repetitive clerical work. When you subscribe to robust janitorial software that creates digital work orders, to-do lists are automatically generated and arranged by client and location, so there’s never any confusion or forgotten assignments. Monitoring accountability is also a lot less stressful because instead of having to set aside time to watch each individual employee, managers can easily view their whole team’s activities right from one easy-to-use dashboard. 

3. Become a company with fool-proof communication

One of the biggest challenges business owners face is maintaining communication. And not just with their employees, but with their customers, too. There’s a lot to balance each day. Scheduling and distributing daily assignments, marketing, and solving client concerns all take a considerable amount of focus. You’re trying to make sure everything gets done, but you are too busy sitting at your desk, overwhelmed by paperwork. Sometimes you’re so buried in paperwork that client messages get lost in the shuffle. If you neglect a client for too long, you’re facing tough customer service issues and negative online reviews.

As long as you subscribe to a proven janitorial software platform that supports paperless work orders, you’ll never miss anything of urgency. Critical job information and tasks are digitally organized and accessible at all times, from a desktop computer or mobile device. Employees are always connected to their team and their clients, ensuring that messages are never ignored or lost. Everyone, including clients, can monitor the status of cleaning requests and see which tasks are finished and which are still in progress. It’s also easy to track profitability because each client’s work order includes each facility’s supply costs, usage, and overall revenue totals. 

Transform your business and save more than money by changing one out-of-date janitorial process

  • Save time – Paperless work orders can help simplify daily processes and procedures. Cleaning companies can eliminate the need for excessive administrative work and make time for more productive janitorial activities like marketing, quality assurance, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Use less office space – Paperless work orders don’t require filing cabinets so you can make better use of your office space. 
  • Eliminate work order confusion – Paperless work orders help eliminate confusion caused by human error or messy handwriting. Work orders are always clear, concise, and easy to read at all times.
  • Reduce compliance worries – Paperless work orders don’t require purging, so you don’t have to wonder how many years you’re required to store archived documents. Plus, when documents are digital, they’re never at risk for being misfiled, and they can be easily found within seconds from in or out of the office.

Make the switch to paperless work orders and start enjoying the benefits of life without paper. It’s not just possible, it could be your reality.

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