You’ve seen them around, but are you getting the benefits of using QR codes for your commercial cleaning business? 

You’ve seen them on food packaging, your deliveries from the post office, and inventory management systems. Perhaps you’ve noticed them on business cards. And if you’ve been to a restaurant lately, there’s a pretty good chance you scanned one so you could read the menu. Of course, QR codes have been around for a while now, but the benefits of using QR codes seem to grow by the day. 

Some businesses use QR codes for mobile payments. They help hospitals track patient records, and caregivers can scan QR codes to learn about potential side effects of medications. For commercial cleaners and their customers, QR codes like the ones we use in our Scan4Clean program can provide information on when a room was last cleaned or allow the public to rate a room’s cleanliness. A positive rating compliments cleaning teams. That’s helpful for employee recognition and limiting turnover. A negative rating will alert cleaning teams so that they can take action and clean the room. 

That’s just a sampling of the benefits of using QR codes throughout multiple industries. But specific to brand awareness and promoting your business, how can these codes help you? Are they really that beneficial? 

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Benefits Of Using Qr Codes

5 Marketing benefits of using QR codes that commercial cleaners can take advantage of today

You can get pretty fancy with QR codes. For example, some high-tech companies use drones to create QR codes in the sky or light their buildings with a QR code pattern. Of course, most of us aren’t going to do that, but if you can, by all means, go for it! Still, your marketing efforts can get the benefits of using QR codes even without drones and high-rise buildings. 

1. QR codes improve business cards: You can only fit so much on a traditional business card. Your business name, contact info, specialties, or perhaps a review will fit, but not much more. However, with a QR code, you can direct recipients to a website, a video, a special offer, or almost anything else. So instead of just a little info, your business card becomes a path to your best marketing material. (Just be sure to keep your contact info there for those who don’t want to scan.)

2. QR codes make bids and proposals more dynamic: You have some more room on a proposal than you do on a business card, but you’re still limited to print. One of the benefits of using QR codes on your proposal is that you could direct prospective clients to a short video that highlights your work or answers common questions. It could even link to your organization’s website.

3. QR codes can be eye-catching: While there are plenty of black and white QR codes around, you can make them in eye-catching colors and designs. If you use Janitorial Manager’s Scan4Clean, you can add your business logo in and place them in the locations you service- So, even if someone doesn’t scan the code and go to your website, you still have that visual marketing element that increases your brand awareness.

4. QR codes are environmentally friendly: If you are offering LEED credits or specialize in green cleaning, there are some big marketing benefits of using QR codes. Rather than giving prospects a paper proposal or a flyer for your business, you can provide them with a QR code that links to their specific proposal. 

5. QR codes link to social media: Your social media feeds are (or should be) an exciting place with plenty of before and after photos, cleaning tips, how-to videos, and fun commercial cleaning facts or trivia. Social posts are your ever-evolving brand marketing material. Certainly, people can look you up or get there from your website, but why not make it easy? A QR code can take them right to your latest Instagram post or your pinned Tweet about disinfecting, or your YouTube video showcasing the efficiency of your team. 

In addition to these benefits, QR codes can also help you track your marketing data and learn what your prospects and customers are interested in. Now then, where can you find QR codes?

Where to get your own QR codes

There are dozens upon dozens of QR code generators. Some people will design QR codes for you, as well. But if you just want to try it out and get started, here are a few places you can check out. 

The QR Code Generator: QR Code Generator is a simple, no-frills code generator that will have you up and running in no time.

beaconstac QR Code Generator: beaconstac is a user-friendly, free code generator that offers an array of customizations. You can create codes for websites, digital business cards, and more. The free option lets you add a logo, select a color for the QR code, and alter some design features. Upgrade to the paid version, and you can take advantage of a square or round code, additional frames, and designs. 

QR Code Generator: Yes, this is different from the one above, even though the names are nearly identical. This QR Code Generator also gives you the tools to create a custom QR code for free, but with a bit more in the way of fun options. Change the shape and color, upload your business logo, and use different frames.

Scan4Clean from Janitorial Manager. Scan4Clean revolutionizes the way cleaning organizations manage their operations. When scanned by cleaning teams, a checklist of cleaning instructions will appear so that staff knows exactly what to do, thus producing better results. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As we mentioned earlier, these QR codes are also interactive with the public allowing teams to increase their bond with the public.

In short, there’s no real downside, yet there are plenty of benefits of using QR codes. They’re easy to make, can be entirely free, and can help your commercial cleaning business stand out. 

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