As the end of 2017 draws nigh, while you may be thankful for a successful year or concerned about the next, there are always ways to improve, or new year’s resolutions wouldn’t still be a thing! As a business owner, the end of the year is consistently busy and stressful, but you’re already thinking ahead to what next year may hold. How can you improve the quality of your work, or be more profitable, or handle your employees better? If you are in the commercial cleaning business, all of those questions (and many more) are running through your head, and it doesn’t help that turnover happens far too often, the competition is fierce, and the bar that your customers hold you to keeps getting higher. It all sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Don’t worry – there’s hope!


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A New Year with the Best Cleaning Business Software

In the anticipation of a new year, now is the best time to start thinking outside the box, and to consider options for improvement that may have seemed impossible or daunting before. One way any commercial cleaning business can up their game is by using cleaning business software. This type of software can help you handle your day-to-day hustle, including scheduling, inspections, inventory and more. Using a software program like this can help move your business forward in ways you couldn’t do otherwise, but there are so many options out there – how do you choose the software that is best for your business?

Think about the most stressful parts of running your business. A cleaning software should be able to help you structure your business properly, which can ease the stress of your current problem areas. Here is a list of the top 5 most stressful problem areas for cleaning businesses and how the right software program can help you.


If you dread walking into your office every morning because of the sheer amount of paperwork you have sitting on your desk or files in your filing cabinet, utilizing something like cleaning software could revolutionize your life. By having almost everything you need essentially in the palm of your hand, you can ditch the paper and clean out that filing cabinet. Most software programs offer apps that can be used on your personal devices, so your business is with you wherever you go.  


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Having cleaning jobs scheduled is how you make money, but so many business owners lack the tools needed to take the stress out of scheduling, and it ends up being the bane of your daily agenda. Wall calendars are a thing of the past, and even having a planner or a calendar on your phone just doesn’t cut it nowadays when it comes to keeping your schedule current. Cleaning business software programs offer easy-to-use calendar options that can be accessed any time, and you can see everything on your books with one glance. Work orders, inspections, employee assignments – you can input all of the needed information in the format that works best for you (by day, by week or by month) and some programs offer color coding options to help you visualize what needs to be done and when.

Employee retention

Every good manager or owner wants to keep their employees happy. Whether you have two employees or 200, you can’t do anything without your staff. And considering the turnover rate in the commercial cleaning industry averages about 200%, finding good people and keeping them is more important than ever before. Without the right people, you will find yourself losing money and wasting time. Cleaning business software can help you keep track of all things employee related – training, scheduling, client feedback, personal information and more. When you can smoothly operate your business, your confidence and success will not only intrigue new hires, but it will help you retain the staff you have and keep them satisfied.

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When it comes down to it, making money is required to run a successful business. And if you’re constantly in the red because you have a hard time staying on budget, then a cleaning software program is not only a good option – it’s the best way to keep your financial information organized and secure. Take the guesswork out of budgeting by having an up-to-date, detailed analysis of your income to expense ratio – you can see your profit and loss margins, keep track of where you may be spending too much (or too little), and you can even see which clients are your most profitable, and which ones you may need to say goodbye to.    


One area where sticking to your budget can seem impossible is with your inventory. You know how many products you work with – unless you’re seriously organized, keeping track of your inventory can be overwhelming. With cleaning business software, you can not only keep a real-time list of every product you use, but you can see where and how often you use each one, how much each one costs you, and where you order each one from. With one click, you can see how your costs stack up against your budget, which suppliers are efficient (and which ones aren’t), and you can track how many inventory items are used on each job. This not only helps to keep your budget on track, but it can also prevent theft or misuse by your staff.

Track All Of Your Cleaning

Keep track of all your cleaning jobs with Janitorial Manager. Schedule a free demo today and learn about all the great features!

Improving the quality of your business doesn’t have to be hard – by using the best cleaning business software – Which One Is Right For You?, you can remove some stress, make more money and keep your employees and clients happy. If you’re looking for the right cleaning business software for your company, look no further – Janitorial Manager is a cloud based work management system that can help you save time and money. Contact us today for a free demo – we’ll show you why Janitorial Manager is the right choice for you!