Using a building cleaning checklist template will give peace of mind to both your clients and your cleaning staff.

So you’ve bid on a job, and now the client wants to know what they’re going to get for their money. However, they’re pressed for time and just want a quick run-down of what you plan to offer. You’ve taken a thorough proposal with you to the meeting, but nothing succinct. It’s times like these that a building cleaning checklist template would come in handy.

Or, let’s say you’ve won the bid, but now you need to communicate all the details to your cleaning staff. How do you enable them to keep track of all the services they’re expected to perform, especially for the more finicky clients? Again, you might find that building cleaning checklist template to be useful.

Building Cleaning Checklist Template



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The value of a checklist

It’s human nature to forget things. We all recognize and accept that. However, we’re not as forgiving when the things forgotten are part of a business contract. Whether you neglect to include services in a proposal, a client fails to understand the services, or your cleaning staff forgets to perform a duty, the result is going to be both an unhappy customer and an unhappy business owner.

Creating a building cleaning checklist template can eliminate all of that potential strife. Why a template instead of a standard checklist? Because—as you know if you’ve been in the industry a while—all of your clients are different, and as such, you’ll need to customize your checklists for each one. (For example, cleaning an office building is going to be different from cleaning a healthcare facility.)

Building Cleaning Checklist Template

From proposal to performance

When you bid on a new job, the building cleaning checklist template should be one of the foundational building blocks. You can use this to outline exactly which services are available to a new client, and tailor it to suit their individual needs. During a consultation, you or the client can just go down the list and check boxes, so there’s no question about which cleaning services they’ve requested.

A checklist is also an excellent way to promote add-on services. For an extra charge, you might provide things like eco-friendly cleaning products, products that don’t use harsh chemicals, recycled paper products, alternative start times, high-risk services (like external window cleaning above the first floor), or even something as simple as cabinet, shelf, or refrigerator organizing. Include as many as you’re willing to offer so that a client sees them during a consultation. You’ll be surprised how many will spring for the extra!

Once you’ve customized the template and completed a final draft with the client, you can then copy it and provide it to your cleaning staff. They will then have the ability to go down the list one item at a time and make sure that they haven’t forgotten anything.

Building Cleaning Checklist Template

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Hard copy or electronic

To get you started with your building cleaning checklist template, we’ve provided one here that you can print out and copy. However, we also suggest you use it as a springboard to create your own electronically. Doing so will allow you to customize the template in a clean and professional way, while also making it easier to deliver to your employees, especially if you have e-mail or janitorial management software, which can be a big help with communicating details like these.

In the meantime, we invite you to use the template provided below for streamlined, simple communication that will help to keep you, your clients, and your employees all on the same page. Remember that this is a template, not a comprehensive list. You’ll want to edit it to be relevant to your different clients

Building Cleaning Checklist Template

Building cleaning checklist template.

[ ] Front doors (wiped and washed)
[ ] Include welcome mats
[ ] Trash receptacles (empty, wash, re-line)
[ ] Reception counter (disinfect and polish)
[ ] Coffee table (disinfect, straighten magazines)
[ ] Chairs (dust and spot clean)
[ ] Include chair back and arms
[ ] Floors

[ ] Sweep
[ ] Mop
[ ] Vacuum
[ ] Carpet clean

[ ] Monthly
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Other ___________________________

[ ] Wax and buff

[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other ____________________________

[ ] Shelves and cabinets (dust)
[ ] Light fixtures
[ ] Desks

[ ] Disinfect surface
[ ] Computer monitor
[ ] Keyboards
[ ] Phones (earpieces and keypads)
[ ] Remove used kitchenware

[ ] HVAC systems (dust)

[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other _______________________________

[ ] Windows

[ ] Blinds/shades (dust)
[ ] Window sills

[ ] Kitchen

[ ] Counters (clear and disinfect)
[ ] Dishes (wash)
[ ] Refrigerator (empty and wash)

[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekly
[ ] Monthly
[ ] Other ____________________________

[ ] Coffee maker (empty and clean)
[ ] Sink and faucet
[ ] Empty trash
[ ] Mop floors

[ ] Bathroom

[ ] Toilets and urinals (disinfect and wash)
[ ] Sinks
[ ] Mirrors
[ ] Hand dryers
[ ] Refill paper products
[ ] Empty trash
[ ] Mop floors

[ ] Stairwells (dust, vacuum, mop)
[ ] Additional areas (add as many as needed)
[ ] Additional services (add as many as needed)

Value-added services

[ ] Eco-friendly cleaning products
[ ] Recycled paper products
[ ] External window cleaning
[ ] Recycling services (requires additional bins)
[ ] Early start (before 5pm)
[ ] Late start (after 8pm)
[ ] High-dusting
[ ] Additional services (as many as needed)