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Sometimes, life takes us on unexpected paths that lead us to our true calling. While studying hospitality management at the University of Washington, Edwin Eaton got the opportunity to help his friend’s uncle with his commercial cleaning business. This small favor would set him on a life-changing path.

After working in the hotel industry for a few years, he reached out to his friend’s uncle for work. Because of a tight budget, Edwin had one month to prove himself. He surpassed expectations and helped quickly draw in more clients.

After a few years of learning the business, he saw an opportunity to expand beyond Wenatchee. In 2013, he decided to start his own commercial cleaning company, iPro Building Services.

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It became a family company as Edwin’s wife helped him get the company off the ground by keeping track of the finances. With his attention to detail and successful track record with his customers, an opportunity to expand presented itself and he jumped at the chance. iPro Building Services now operates in three states:  Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


Episode Summary

In this episode, Edwin Eaton shares his strategies for building a positive company culture that leads to employee retention. Instead of promoting customer reviews, he promotes his employees on the company’s social media and sells his customers to his employees. This has created a family atmosphere between their customers and employees.

Thinking outside the box is something Edwin Eaton regularly does. One of his innovative ideas for keeping his team engaged is to let his staff run company meetings. Individuals will volunteer and do research on a topic and then present it to the whole company. Workers take pride in this exercise, and it allows Edwin to be able to measure leadership skills.

Additionally, Edwin discusses iPro Building Services successful company marketing, From every company vehicle having a vinyl wrap and employee uniforms to sponsoring local sports, including a semi-professional basketball team, and hosting a remote radio broadcast.

Lastly, Eaton talks about his presence on social media, especially LinkedIn, and how it has helped him develop relationships with other commercial cleaning industry owners.

About Our Guest(s):

Edwin Eaton

Edwin Eaton

Co-Owner - iPro Building Services

Edwin and his wife started iPro Building Services in 2013 in Wenatchee, Washington. His 21-year-old son is majoring in business and helps his dad out regularly. He and his 11-year-old daughter have developed a bond over sports card collecting and run a store together on eBay. He is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Edwin also supports his alma mater, The University of Washington.

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