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A great leader understands the importance of sharing the workload and responsibility and knows the right time to let someone else’s expertise take over. Mike Derryberry of Compass Cleaning Solutions tells us about his experiences.

Delegation for Your Team

Micromanaging is rarely an intentional thing, but as a business owner you more than likely prefer to be hands-on and you have a vision of how you think things should go. The truth is that about 10 percent of being a business owner is what you’re good at that got you there and the other 90 percent is actually about how you lead.

Becoming a micromanager is something you want to be wary of and watch out for. The best way to do this is to pay attention to how you delegate jobs and tasks. Do you let your employees fail?

It’s important that you let employees, especially your management team, develop projects themselves and fail if they’re going to fail (within reason, of course. If you spot a glaring mistake it’s good to point it out so they can adjust.). Your job is to set expectations, work to align your vision to your company, and vise versa, to guide your employees to succeed. 

This promotes growth and independence, which in turn aids in the diversity of minds that carries your company. It’s also a much healthier environment and preferable culture for your team. This can greatly aid your retention and hiring efforts.

Delegation for Yourself

As an owner or team leader, you don’t just delegate for your team. You delegate tasks and jobs for your own sake too. You can’t do everything yourself. It’s literally impossible and trying will only burn you out.

It’s better to focus on what you can do effectively and delegate the rest to people better equipped to focus solely on that task.  Even if they can’t do it as well as you can, they have the benefit of not also running a company at the same time and an opportunity for better focus. 

Being Adaptable and Keeping an Open Mind

An important part of growth is realizing that you’re way is most often not the good way to get a job done. You may not even yet know the best way. Be flexible to changing the way you’re doing things to fit both the shifting world and your likely growing team.

The best leaders are continuous learners and learn from their team members as well. A truly isn’t someone who knows it all but is someone who humbles themselves and focuses on the growth and betterment of those around them. Only then can they lead.

About Our Guest:

Mike Derryberry

Mike Derryberry

Owner & Chief Visionary Officer - Compass Cleaning Solutions

Mike Derryberry is the owner and Chief Visionary Officer for Compass Cleaning Solutions. Established in 2004 Compass has consistently taken the long-term approach to grow the company based on Purpose, Values, and Mission.  Their belief that culture and people precede profits and their determination to expand their services has given them a unique place in the Phoenix, Arizona market. They have consistently ranked in the top 10 for Janitorial businesses according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Compass has been nominated, and selected as a finalist for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics three times, in 2015, 2016, and again in 2020.  In 2020 they were selected as the top business in their category and were given the distinction of ‘winning’ The 2020 Torch Award for Ethics. 

Mike is an eager advocate of good leadership practices and joined us for the entire month of April to talk about building great leadership in your cleaning business.

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