If you own a small business, tackling daily tasks can be hard, especially if you have multiple things on your plate. Daily tasks can seem even more overwhelming if you don’t have the staff to whom you can delegate certain tasks. You’re facing obstacles that most people will never have to deal with, and if you’re the owner, you are usually handling everything by yourself. This takes up any extra time you may have or squelches away any surplus you make. In the world of small business, especially in a field like the commercial cleaning industry, you need to take every opportunity given to you and utilize every tool you can find. This is where an advanced software program to help you manage your business can be a critical improvement in handling your day-to-day grind.


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Vie for the Vital

When every minute of your time is precious, choosing the right tools to help you can be a struggle. But when you think of your business, a management software program is almost a no-brainer. In the world of ever-improving technology, these types of software programs can be expanded to cover bases for a large company, or they can be pared down to handle the needs of even a one-person business. If you want to be competitive, you need to enhance efficiency wherever possible. Here are 4 ways business management software can help you with the vital parts of your work without breaking your bank or overcomplicating your life.

  1. Simplify and Save

If you find that your workload is always increasing rather than decreasing, you need to simplify. Business management software helps you organize almost every aspect of your business, as well as streamlining processes, housing everything you need in one place, removing the necessity of using multiple software applications and helping you keep tabs on the things that cost you money (work orders, inventory, employee wages). When your work load is simplified, there is no need to spend extra money on anything else. Business management software is an affordable option to help with the simplification process.

  1. Purge and Prepare

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know the sheer amount of paperwork needed to run a business. Calendars, schedules, work orders, budget spreadsheets, employee time cards, invoices, sticky notes, contact lists…you can easily become buried in boat loads of paper! With business management software, you can have access to all of that information on any smart device, anywhere and anytime, which means you can purge the paper! If all of that paper is gone, you can much more easily prepare yourself and your employees for what each day holds. This relieves stress and keeps everyone on the same page.

  1. Involve and Incorporate

Whether it’s your employees or your clients, there is a level of involvement that other people have in your business that can feel intrusive and frustrating, especially if communication is not your strong suit. Business management software can provide solutions to those issues by assigning different levels of involvement to each concerned party. If you need to message your employees or they need to contact you, you can do that through this type of software with an app or a messaging service. If your clients want to provide feedback, most applications offer access to a client portal to handle that communication. You can incorporate so many aspects of your business into one program, which shows your employees and your clients that you’re serious about conducting your business with excellence.


Increase Your Efficiency

Increase Your Efficiency

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  1. Track and Keep Tabs

Think about the areas of your business that take up the majority of your time. You’d probably answer that keeping track of your employees and their time or keeping track of your inventory take up the most time. If you’re struggling with either of these issues, business management software is the tool for you. You can have access to live timekeeping, so you always know where your employees are, when they start a job and when they end a job. Live timekeeping helps to keep them accountable and keep you on track with your schedule. You can also keep tabs on things like your budget and your inventory – two areas that seem to go head-to-head most days. You can see every single product used on every job, how much each product costs and who the best suppliers are for those products. You’ll never have to second-guess yourself on where your money goes – you can see it with one click.

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Make the Critical Choice

If any of these areas are sore spots for you, business management software is the answer. And if you’re in any part of the cleaning industry, Janitorial Manager is the partner you’re looking for. We can not only assimilate all aspects of your business into an easy-to-use software application, but we can do it without breaking your budget. Give us a call or request a free demo today!