Cleaning Inspection Software Equals Satisfied Clients

The right inspection software can take your cleaning company to a higher level of effectiveness and profitability. Your inspection team can quickly provide thorough inspection reports that accurately rate the service rendered by your staff. Clients can also provide their own feedback, allowing you to correct issues promptly. With this tool, small and moderate-sized cleaning companies can provide the highest quality of service with only a small investment of time and money.


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Inspection Advantages

With software such as Janitorial Manager, your company’s inspection staff can improve their efficiency. They can access the software on their mobile phones or on laptop computers, so using the program is easy and convenient. Your team can follow a thorough checklist of inspection tasks and enter appropriate scoring for each one. For instance, they can rate the cleanliness of the bathrooms, note the presence or absence of necessary supplies and add suggestions for improvement.

Once the form is filled out, the software generates a score for quick reference. Each score can be saved so that a particular client’s history is easy to access, helping you to identify patterns of your staff ‘s strengths and weaknesses.

The software allows smaller cleaning companies to offer superior inspection services without increasing staff hours. They can be directed to correct specific issues immediately, meaning problems can often be fixed before the client even notices them.
The program also allows you to stay ahead on your cleaning supply orders. You can identify deficiencies and reorder stock so your cleaning teams are always able to do their jobs well.


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Other Uses

The software aids with other tasks in addition to inspections. You can use it to organize your teams, make assignments, and communicate with all your employees. The program allows you to create and access work orders and individual schedules. Everyone in management can understand what is happening with individual clients at any time.

As you know, managing business finances is the most important and most difficult aspect of your job. You can easily become threatened by teetering piles of neglected paperwork. Using Janitorial Manager allows you to keep track of billable tasks, making invoicing easy and more accurate. The program even allows you to see your profit margin on each job so you can make needed adjustments. You can quickly discover if you are charging too little or too much for certain cleaning tasks. In that way, you can find the balance between making money and staying competitive with other cleaning services.

The client portal offers customers a clear and comprehensive look at what they are buying and how well the service is being delivered. This high level of transparency makes clients feel valued and gives them a forum to express any concerns they might have. Your clients appreciate this level of control and are more likely to remain loyal. An improved client retention rate gives you and your employees’ financial security.
Cleaning inspection software allows you to improve your service, eliminate paperwork and streamline your entire operation. The increase in revenue far outweighs the cost of the software.

You and your employees will have no trouble learning the system, so you should see improvements in a matter of days after installation. Instead of hiring more people, maximize the performance of your current staff by using this powerful software.