Be remembered: Here’s a list of catchy cleaning business names that stick (and ways to create your own).

On an average day, how many businesses do you pass without noticing? Running errands, commuting to work, going out to eat—we’re always surrounded by them, but few snap us out of routines and get us interested. Naming your business—particularly in a competitive industry like commercial cleaning—is one of the most overlooked and underestimated marketing strategies for cleaning companies.

Great names grab attention, communicate purpose, and dictate face-value perceptions. In this way, a cleaning service is not so different than a tech company, a restaurant, or a retail product. Your name is always the face of your business.

Start with something catchy. Cleaning business names need to grab attention. There is a lot of competition in the janitorial and commercial cleaning industry, so try your best to stick out (and fill a niche market!)



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Grab your audience’s attention, then fiddle with the details

The most defining characteristic of a unique name is simple: it grabs attention. That goes for any industry, from janitorial to biotech to food service. Once you have a few catchy cleaning business names to choose from, tinker them until one hits all of these points:

  • It’s familiar enough to be understood immediately
  • It’s short and punchy
  • It’s easy to say out loud
  • It communicates the benefit of your premium service

Remember: you’re trying to come up with catchy cleaning business names, so don’t stray too far from the beaten path. Stick to combining words that quickly remind your target audience of your service. Think: clean, dust, vacuum, freshness, wipe, etc.

cleaning business names

Research other businesses to see what names work

Without a marketing degree or branding firm to help you, it may take a little extra work to brainstorm catchy cleaning businesses names that will work. But that shouldn’t stop you. There are plenty of examples online to research and evaluate.

As you browse the internet for different cleaning businesses, create a checklist of questions and points to consider.

  • Does the name seem fresh, smart, or uplifting?
  • Is the name specific enough? (Can you tell it’s for a cleaning service by reading it?)
  • If the name has a pun, does it work? Why?

Sometimes small business owners think up business names that are funny, witty, and cute. These examples usually involve puns or wordplay, like, “No Dust 4 Us.”

Beware: there is a limit on “cuteness” with catchy cleaning business names. Don’t come off as silly. There is no cure for a business that seems amateur or unprofessional. Focus on the details of your brand–every letter counts in your name and byline.

Here are some real business names that we think work for commercial services:

1. Golden Shine Cleaning Agency, San Diego, CA
2. Executive Touch Cleaning Services, McKinney, TX
3. Busy Bee Cleaning Service, New York, NY
4. New York’s Little Elves, Inc., New York, NY
5. Two Maids & A Mop, Tampa, FL

Notice the first two businesses use language that identifies with a particular audience (in this case, more luxury-level, executive clients). The words “agency” and “executive” stick out.

cleaning business names


Make checklists and track your progress with Janitorial Manager.  Schedule a free demo right now to find out more!

20 catchy cleaning business names and ideas to get you started

Be honest: have you ever seen a successful business with a strange, weird, or boring name? Sure, some can get away with names like, “Smith & Sons Cleaning Co.”, but you can do better than that!

Put as much thought into naming your business as you would naming your child. Think about how you will be perceived, what your name communicates, and how easy it is to understand.

Most of all, make it catchy. Here are our 20 ideas to get you started:

1. Nooks & Crannies Cleaning Co.
2. Ready-Maid Maintenance Services
3. Executive Pro Cleaning Co.
4. Maid in Manhattan (or your city)
5. Deep Clean Office Team
6. Fresh Start Office Cleaning
7. Meticulous Maids
8. Cleaning with Meaning
9. Breathe Easy Commercial Cleaning
10. In & Out Cleaning Services
11. Just Like New Cleaning Crew
12. Hands & Knees Professional Cleaning
13. Shine Time Cleaning Services
14. Executive Cleanse Maintenance Services
15. Top to Bottom Cleaning
16. The Cleaning Fairies
17. Clean Swipe
18. The Dust Detail
19. Ever-Clean Maintenance
20. Sweet & Discreet Maid Services

Maybe you decided that you want your family or first name in the business. That’s honorable, and it’s still possible to come up with catchy cleaning business names with your name included.

Think about how to utilize your name to show personality, ownership, and professionalism.

Focus on creating a byline that further communicates your brand.

Example: April’s Cleaning Services – spring clean your office, year around.

Promote a family-owned business. It better implies reputation and professionalism.

Example: Smith Family All-star Cleaners

Add your name to a familiar phrase or pun. But don’t get too cute or silly. Think of how people will remember you.