In 2009, Apple ran a commercial with the line, “There’s an app for that,” to promote the plethora of apps available in their app store.

As what often happens with catchphrases, the line caught on, as did consumers’ increasingly demanding desire to fulfill their needs with the ease and accessibility of handheld technology. There are now over 5.2 million apps available via the iOS and Android app stores combined. By 2021, total app downloads are projected to total 352 billion (that’s with a “B”)!

So, in keeping up with this trend that’s here to stay, the commercial cleaning industry is now offering a “cleaning management app for that,” in order to make everyday tasks simpler, including work orders, inspections, scheduling, checklists, communications and more!

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From Online to on Your Phone

Janitorial software isn’t a new concept. There have been a variety of options out there for years for you to peruse through. However, since many (perhaps most?) of your workers are now in the millennial generation, they’re far more likely to adhere to processes that incorporate the use of their smartphone, instead of a paper and pen or a laptop and desktop computer.

That’s why you need a cleaner app for that.

The right commercial cleaner app should provide you with the flexibility and customization that users expect from all their (many) other apps:

  • A valuable, meaningful function

Don’t get a cheap cleaning app just to be able to say that you have one. Your quality cleaner app should affordably offer your staff, management and customers with a measurable, useful service. An app’s ultimate functionality should be to equip you to provide better customer service and to increase the value of what you deliver to your clients.

  • Intuitiveness and ease of navigation

If you’ve tried to implement a new cleaner app in the past, but to no avail, the app likely failed because it wasn’t simple enough. Perhaps it required additional steps, was confusing or seemed too complicated for your customers or staff to maintain. Your cleaner app should not fall into any of these categories. Rather, you should have an idea of what you need the app to accomplish. Furthermore, you should be able to communicate those needs to your commercial cleaning tech company. A commercial cleaning tech company should be willing to work with you to help arrange customized dashboards, menus and layouts that will suit your implementation needs.

  • Seamless submission of information

When choosing the right commercial cleaner app, be sure to investigate the functions that will directly impact your customers as well. Your cleaner app should make it easy for your customers to access a client portal to submit work orders, ask questions and request tag work. If this is not easy for your customers to do within the app, they’ll persist in sending you texts, emails, voicemails and sticky notes (which can be difficult to keep track of).

  • Personalized experience

Speaking of customers, you need to be able to easily organize, review and pull reports on each customer individually, as well as a whole. Without the ability to do so, you won’t be able to stay abreast of the profitability, issues, and needs that exist for each client. Your cleaner app should allow you to easily access each client’s most pertinent information in the palm of your hand, and then offer additional info for deeper investigation and analysis via the desktop version of the software.

  • Simplicity

You don’t have the time or mental bandwidth necessary to re-input information between multiple platforms. This is one of the benefits of using an app that is based out of the Cloud. Once you have inputted information via the desktop version, it automatically updates the cleaner app’s info… and vice versa! This means that when your staff submits a question, an inspection report, or your customer sends a work order, you can access the information from wherever in real time – whether from the app or a computer or tablet! This simple method of keeping everyone on the same page at the same time is something that is essential to a healthy, well-oiled cleaning business.

Increase Your Efficiency

Increase Your Efficiency

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Are You Using the Right Cleaner App for That?

Perhaps you’re not confident that the cleaner app you’re currently trying to use is serving your business to the degree that you were hoping it would.

Or maybe you’re curious how implementing a cleaning management system could help make your operation work more smoothly, keep your customers more engaged, and your employees performing to a higher standard.

Either way, it’s time to see how the affordable Janitorial Manager cleaner app can bring your business forward to meet the expectations of today. Connect with our professionals to schedule a FREE DEMO today!