Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach new customers. Follow these cleaning business tips for social to grow your business quickly.

Social media has been a hot topic in the marketing world over the last few years. That’s because social marketing can reach exponentially more customers who are relevant to your business, usually at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. But there are tricks to finding social media marketing success. We’ve got six of those social media cleaning business tips for you to help increase your customer base almost immediately.

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Cleaning Business Tips

What make social so important?

Whereas print, broadcast, and even web marketing rely on broad demographics, paid advertising, and authoritative messages, social media advertising is more about engaging audiences. Instead of lobbing a well-laid-out advertisement in a trade magazine, you can see who’s interacting with your brand.

With social, you can see your likes and followers, and with some platforms, you can even see who’s viewed a post. Customers can reach you directly with comments and messages. There are analytical tools that can help you determine which marketing efforts are translating into new business. In short, you’re doing less guesswork and more targeting, which is bound to result in increased audience engagement.

Cleaning Business Tips

Social media for your cleaning business: tips to make you a star

1. Choose the right platforms

With so much promise behind social media marketing, it’s important to remember that there are still some avenues that will be better for business than others. It isn’t enough to haphazardly toss marketing material onto a social platform and expect results. You need to make an effort to target the right people through the right platforms.

So, to start our list of cleaning business tips: Do your homework and focus on the platforms that will be most lucrative for your business.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

For commercial cleaning, Instagram is one of those platforms. Its primary function is to showcase pictures, which in this case can be pictures of completed jobs, jobs in progress, or even happy customers with your cleaning teams. Instagram also has a “Stories” function where you can post short videos that last for only 24 hours. This can be useful if you want to show the progression of a job throughout the day or maybe to connect with the public better by posting videos of company events, outings, or meetings. Another idea is using the “Stories” function to share motivational quotes that will energize your audience!

As far as cleaning business tips go, utilize Instagram as much as possible. With optional paid advertising, as well as location and hashtag capabilities, it’s the perfect platform to market cleaning services. Just make sure you showcase your best work in the pictures!

3. Don’t discount YouTube

YouTube is an oft-forgotten social platform, but it ranks high amongst marketing media because of its demonstrative nature. With a short video, you can show how your cleaning business is different from others, what your process is like, and how the outcomes appear.

We’d be remiss not to include this in with other cleaning business tips: Make high-quality YouTube videos to share with your followers. (Bonus tip: You can link to the YouTube videos in your Instagram bio, thus connecting two powerful marketing platforms.)

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4. Leverage direct messages

Part of social media engagement means that customers will send you messages directly. While the volume can sometimes be a little high, it’s a good idea to try to respond quickly. If you have the budget, you can even hire a part-time social media manager to do this for you. Responding tells customers that there’s someone who cares on the other end of the computer terminal, and that you’re interested in their business.

5. Use location and hashtags

Perhaps the most important of cleaning business tips for social media is to enable location settings and utilize hashtags. Location settings allow you to better target geographic areas by reaching people within your zip code or other defined area. This means you’ll be connecting with people who might become customers versus people who live a thousand miles away.

Hashtags are a goldmine for marketing. With some well thought out and carefully researched hashtags, you’ll reach customers who are interested in or specifically looking for posts related to the hashtag term or phrase. So if you post a picture of a completed job and use the hashtag #commercialcleaners, anyone who searches for the hashtag will likely come upon your post, which could then turn into a business prospect.

6. Stay on top of it

One of the challenges of social media is that it’s ever-changing and has to be kept up-to-date. Again, this is where a social media manager can help. Not only do you want fresh pictures and post material, but you also want to stay informed of the new capabilities that different platforms are coming out with every day. You never know when one of those capabilities will be exactly the sort of marketing tool that you need.