If you’ve been in the business world for any amount of time, you have seen the evolution of software programs, technological advances, and the introduction and constant development of mobile apps for smart devices. Most companies have websites to handle online traffic, but those companies that have the means (and the need) have developed apps that a user can take and use anywhere. This convenience is why apps are so popular – you may not always have your computer with you, but you definitely have your phone at all times, so everything you need is at your fingertips. Some apps are not that great – they can almost be counterintuitive. But as companies invest more time and money into creating better apps, there’s really no limit to what can be done anywhere, at any time.

Depending on what industry you find yourself in, you can do a search in an App store and find an inordinate and overwhelming amount of apps to assist you in your day-to-day operations. But the need for an app is still there – your business isn’t confined to a desktop computer, in an office, five days a week from 9-5. Your business has to be relevant and thriving 24/7, which is why the right mobile app is a necessity. And if you’re providing cleaning services (janitorial, commercial, etc.), then you understand that your business needs to be handled in real-time, knowing that your customers expect to have their needs met on their terms, their schedule, and in an organized, efficient way.

What Are You Looking For In A Cleaning Service App?

If you’re seeking out the perfect service app for your cleaning company, there are a lot of options out there. It can be easy to become inundated with the possibilities, especially if you’re not 100% sure of what you need an app to do. Think about your daily work load – are there areas that could be done more efficiently if you could handle business on the go? If you didn’t have to be stuck in an office to complete a certain operation, would your services be more successful? What additional services could you provide if you could house all of your business details in one place? These questions are just a few that can be answered with the right cleaning service app. Here are just 3 features you should look for in the best cleaning service app for your business:

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  1. Everything in Real-Time

When you’re doing business with a customer, there are specific things that have to be done – taking their phone call, setting up a work order, scheduling their services. When a service is completed, you may need to inspect the job, you have to invoice and receive payment from the customer, all while keeping their personal information secure and organized so that they remain a loyal client. These can all be seen as obstacles when you’re trying to handle business outside of the office, especially if you’re already handling all of that information electronically using a software program on your computer. But if you have the right service app, you can not only get all of that done on the go, but it’s updated in real-time, meaning you don’t have to sync the information in the app with the localized program on your computer. You can track expenses, keep an eye on your employees’ time records, schedule and invoice everything, all with one click.


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  1. Everything for Every Client

Your clients are the most important thing, so treating them well is imperative. They’re already accustomed to your excellent customer service, but what if you could take that a step further? If you could take the services you provide from the office out into the field, you could not only serve your current clients better, but it will open your business up to potential clients who are looking for something extra. You can have all of the details you need for each client – names, important dates, service options, product usage, and more – saved and secured in your cleaning service app, and available on whatever smart device you have at your disposal. Keeping your business mobile is easy when your business processes and details are available in a Cloud-based management system that’s intuitive and usable in any cleaning service situation.


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  1. Everything for Your Budget

While helping you track everything in real-time and encompassing everything for your clients’ needs is wonderful, if a cleaning service app doesn’t help you stay within your budget, then it’s not worth it! Your bottom line requires some major attention, and an app can help you stay on track no matter where you need to go. If you need to write an invoice, you can. If you have to check your inventory pricing or supplier, it’s there. If you need to check your budget versus your cost, you can print a report showing you the information you need, from any timeframe or for a specific customer. You can quickly and clearly see which clients are the most profitable, and which ones aren’t. Print profit reports, manage expense types, and import information from any of your financial software programs. You can do it all in the right mobile app!

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