Tackle all the duties on this commercial office cleaning checklist, and you’ll never need to look at another one.

Cleaning a commercial office takes a certain type of team, and while there are many teams that work in commercial cleaning, it’s still very easy to stand out and make your company look fantastic. A good way to handle the responsibility is by providing customers with a commercial office cleaning checklist. When they hire you, they may have a list of things in mind that they want cleaned, but by providing them with a checklist they can use to create the final draft, they become your partner as well as your employer. You both want what’s best for the environment you’ll be cleaning.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Below is a comprehensive commercial office cleaning checklist that will ensure your clients remember all the details involved in cleaning a commercial office space. We’ve broken it down by common office areas since each one is a little different.

commercial office cleaning checklist

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Commercial office cleaning checklist: Reception

Reception is the first place everyone sees when they walk into the office. It should be kept in pristine shape all the time, which means daily cleaning and a few spot checks throughout the day. This is a company’s first impression, and it’s your job to make sure that the appearance reflects the business.

  1. If they have welcome mats or front door decor, make sure they’re straightened out and tidy. Dust, sweep, or mop anything that isn’t.
  2. Clean the front doors on both sides, especially if they’re glass.
  3. Empty all trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.
  4. Using disinfectant, wipe down the reception counter, desk, and telephone. If you have a coffee table or other similar furniture in the room, wipe that down as well.
  5. Straighten magazines and make the coffee table look presentable.
  6. Dust tables, chairs, lamps, window shades, vents, and other surfaces.
  7. Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop the floors. Clean the carpets every few weeks or months.

commercial office cleaning checklist

Commercial office cleaning checklist: Cubicles/offices

  1. Dust shelves, cabinets, and other hard surfaces.
  2. Empty trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.
  3. Dust computer monitors and keyboards, as well as other computer equipment.
  4. With disinfectant, wipe down the desk, phone, and chair arms (if applicable). Don’t forget to clean the phone earpieces!
  5. Collect any office kitchenware (plates, utensils, mugs, etc.) and return to the kitchen.
  6. Dust HVAC vents.
  7. If there are windows, dust window blinds/shades as well as the window sill.
  8. Clean window glass and any other glass surfaces.
  9. Vacuum or sweep and mop the floors.

commercial office cleaning checklist

Commercial office cleaning checklist: Kitchen/Break area

  1. Empty refrigerator of all unclaimed items. (Make sure you give the office notice so people can label things they want to keep.)
  2. Wipe down refrigerator shelves with disinfectant and replace items that people want to keep.
  3. Wash counters with disinfectant.
  4. Straighten items on the countertop and make the area look presentable.
  5. Empty and clean coffee maker.
  6. Empty trash and recycling receptacles, disinfect receptacles, and replace liners.
  7. Wash dirty dishes left in the sink.
  8. Clean sink and faucet with disinfectant.
  9. Vacuum or sweep and mop floors.

commercial office cleaning checklist

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Commercial office cleaning checklist: Bathroom

  1. Empty and disinfect trash receptacles and sanitary napkin dispensers (if applicable).
  2. Disinfect sinks, paper towel dispensers, and/or hand-dryers.
  3. Disinfect toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers.
  4. Use toilet bowl cleaner and brush to clean the toilet bowl.
  5. Use glass cleaner to wipe down mirror over the sink.
  6. Refill toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers.
  7. Ensure hand dryers work properly.
  8. Sweep and mop floors with disinfectant solution.

Commercial office cleaning checklist: Some things to keep in mind

Remember to double-check your work. Especially with so many tasks that overlap from room to room, it’s easy to skip over something unintentionally. Notice the little things. In particular, check for trash receptacle liners as they are easy to overlook accidentally.

Be sure to clean as deeply as possible, getting into HVAC vents and under desks where you can. Light fixtures, cabinet tops, closets, and public areas should all be dusted and left in pristine condition each time you complete a job.

Most of all, think about what your client ultimately wants. If you put yourself in their shoes and you don’t like what you see, chances are they won’t either. If keeping the client means an extra fifteen minutes on a job, that’s fifteen minutes well-spent—and your clients will notice.