From moving companies to car dealerships, commercial vehicle cleaning can be a very profitable business. Learn how to woo new clients with a few helpful tips!

Commercial vehicle cleaning is a niche market, for sure. After all, not every business has a fleet of vehicles that need regular cleaning. But the ones that do consider it an invaluable service. Their vehicles reflect their business, and they want that impression to be as positive as possible.

Because of that, many potential clients are very selective about the commercial vehicle cleaning company they use. It’s understandable. They want to make sure their monetary investment—which may be significant—is being put to good use. That’s why it’s important that you approach new clients with information and demonstrations that best showcase your business, as well as pricing that is reasonable while still being competitive with the market.

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

Winning the meeting

Before you can even think about closing a deal, you first have to win the meeting. As you probably already know, scheduling time with a decision-maker at a company can be a challenge. Just like with any sales, you have to get creative.

First, it’s important to remember that relationships come first. You’re not trying to sell fleet cleaning services to a company; you’re trying to help them solve a problem.

When you call or approach a business owner or manager, briefly state where you’re from, but then ask them questions instead of giving them answers. Do they find themselves in need of commercial vehicle cleaning services? Do they feel they’re paying a reasonable price for their current vendor? Would they like to hear how your company can save them money without sacrificing quality?

Asking questions is a better foundation for a relationship because it tells the other person that you care about their well-being (or in this case, the well-being of their business). Laying that foundation is essential for winning a meeting.

Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

Winning the close

Now you’ve got your foot in the door, what next? How do you convince your prospective client that your commercial vehicle cleaning company is superior to others, and for a comparable cost?

There’s no definitive way to guarantee a close. Rest assured, there will still be those prospects who just aren’t interested, no matter what you do. However, there are a few tricks you can use to increase the likelihood of closing more deals.

1. Solve the problem

Whether the prospect’s problem is money, service, or something else, be prepared to demonstrate how your business can solve that problem. By approaching the sale this way, a business owner will feel more like you’re helping them rather than selling something to them.

2. Look professional

We’re not just talking about wearing appropriate clothing. Looking professional includes sleek, appealing marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers or other literature, even the vehicle you arrive in. After all, if you’re trying to clean vehicles, yours better be a shining example!

Most important, bring examples of your work, whether a binder of pictures or an Instagram account or something else. Just make sure it looks like you take your business seriously.

3. Value-added service

Green cleaning isn’t the only value-added service you can offer. Things like aluminum brighteners, on-call service around the clock, and flexible contracts will all help sweeten the pot and entice a prospect to sign with you. Don’t be afraid to get creative here!

4. Incentivize

Of course, one of the best ways your commercial vehicle cleaning company can close a deal is to offer incentives to win their business. Maybe you offer a free demo cleaning, or if it’s a large account, offer to clean every tenth vehicle at a reduced rate. Another possibility is to give a 100% money-back guarantee. This allows your client to get comfortable with your service and eases the initial burden that an investment like this can create.

5. Leave the offer on the table 

Don’t expect or insist upon a business owner to decide immediately. Present your offering, then leave it for them to mull over. It not only demonstrates confidence in your work, but it also builds confidence in your would-be client.

6. Follow up 

When a client won’t make a decision, or when they say no, check back in with them in a few weeks, maybe even a month. If you time it right, the prospect will appreciate and respect your checking in as opposed to seeing it as a nuisance. When you do follow up, provide information that you didn’t cover in your meeting. This is also a very good time to include an initial incentive you may offer to get them to sign with you.