If you don’t have commercial cleaning videos on YouTube, you may be missing out on a large target audience for your business.

How-to videos are one of the most searched-for genres on YouTube today. From exercise to crafts to cleaning services, people use the search engine to find fast and simple demonstrations that teach them how to complete all kinds of tasks. And while on the surface it may not seem that giving away information for free is the best business model, putting your own commercial cleaning videos on YouTube is a fantastic way to grow your customer base and enhance your business. Everyone wants to hire the experts, and YouTube can establish you that way.

Most people won’t stumble onto commercial cleaning videos by accident, which means the audience that searches for them has specific questions they’d like answered. Maybe they’d like to get a better idea of how to manage their own internal cleaning team, or maybe they’re just curious about what the cleaning process looks like. They might discover a lot of amateur cleaning videos that don’t answer their questions very well, which means it will be a breath of fresh air for them to find a video from a professional who knows the business inside and out.

Free content, more customers

Now you might be thinking: Why would a cleaning service create something that would-be customers can access for free that tells them how to perform those cleaning duties? Wouldn’t they just take that information and clean their spaces on their own? The truth is, it’s unlikely. Even if business owners learn how to clean their spaces, they don’t usually have the time or resources for it.

In fact, if you post commercial cleaning videos that advertise your services, business owners are more likely to consider bringing you on board. Here are five ways that marketing free content can be beneficial to your business.

Commercial Cleaning Videos

1. Reach more people

Let’s face it: People don’t tend to go to the yellow pages when they need a cleaning service these days. They’re much more likely to turn to the internet to find the services they’re looking for, and one of the most effective ways of getting your company noticed is through social media sites, like YouTube.

Because YouTube content can be shared and commented on, you can build a reputation for your business through the release of content that will potentially reach thousands of viewers. YouTube also has a function where they suggest relevant videos to users, which means that even if someone isn’t looking for commercial cleaning videos, your content might still appear in their feed. Think of it as modern day consumer marketing, except targeted to reach the people most likely to utilize your services.


Janitorial Training Videos

2. Demonstrate your professional know-how

People like reassurance that the companies they patronize can provide the services they claim to offer. Commercial cleaning videos are an excellent way to show your approach to cleaning services as well as the techniques you believe to be most effective. You can showcase your methodology, the products you use, and even the order in which you clean different parts of a commercial space so that potential clients can see all the different components of a cleaning service proposal in action.

Commercial Cleaning Videos

3. Appear in more search results

If you don’t have any commercial cleaning videos online, your company won’t show up for that search term. Think about how many potential clients there are out there who are looking for commercial cleaning videos instead of services. It’s a whole separate market you can tap into for lead generation. Appearing at the top of the search results will, of course, take more than just making a video, but having this type of content available will almost certainly result in a stronger client base, even if only by a few accounts.

Commercial Cleaning Videos

4. Show you’re about more than dollars and cents

By posting content that’s available for free, it indicates that you’re not only interested in making money, but that you’re interested in forming relationships. And since relationships are the foundation of any good business, the small amount (if any) of revenue you might lose by sharing the basic tips and techniques of your cleaning service is dwarfed by the number of new connections—new leads, really—that commercial cleaning videos can create.

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5. Save yourself money

Yes, you read that correctly. Whether you choose to use a professional production company or an app on your smartphone, the cost of creating commercial cleaning videos is negligible. Once you have the video, though, you can repurpose it time and again, saving on marketing costs year over year. And since the video will stay relevant for a long time, you can expect not a few years of savings.

There are many other benefits to posting commercial cleaning videos on YouTube, but they all boil down to this: Publishing content can help to grow your business and connect you with more people who might one day need your services. Those two things alone are reason enough to get those video cameras rolling.