In the service industry. You spend your days (and nights!) serving the needs of others. You make their lives a little easier.

But, who makes yours easier?


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You’ve Been Served

Janitorial companies of today actively seek service management software solutions to the most frustrating problems in the industry:

  • Tracking employee hours
  • Managing work orders
  • Coordinating schedules
  • Utilizing inspection reports
  • Discovering supply issues

…and the list goes on and on.

They are hopeful that the software will help them save time, reduce expenses, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline labor. However, all too often, after attempting to software, they discover that it’s too complicated, too clunky, not intuitive enough, and not likely to ‘take’ with employees who can’t see the value in the added steps.

The ‘solution’ becomes another frustration.


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Know What to Look For

When you think you’ve found a service management software that will address your company’s hiccups and hang-ups, only to find that it creates more, you have to wonder, “Did I not ask the right questions?” or “What should I have done differently during the search?”.

Here are a few suggestions for what to look for to make sure your service management software serves you:

  • Can your software manage employee scheduling and job tracking?
  • Are your inventory records and supply orders for each customer easily accessible?
  • Are employee performance statistics clear and measurable at a glance?
  • Will your clients be able to communicate with you?
  • Can you handle work orders and one-off projects within the system?
  • Are you able to see the budgets and profit margins for each client to measure the value of each?
  • Is the software mobile and super convenient to use… like as a app?

Before you commit to and invest in a commercial cleaning software, be sure that it will truly help you plan, execute and evaluate all aspects of your business.


A Service Management Software that Serves YOU

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