Enterprise Resource Planning. It almost sounds like a sci-fi reference of a future technology that you could only wish was available to you today. However, Enterprise Resource Planning – or ERP, for short – isn’t science fiction. It’s today’s best solution for managing your cleaning business processes in real-time, with real results!

ERP software incorporates a variety of customizable, integrated, online applications that help you gather, store, oversee, control, and interpret data from all areas of your business operations. Its straightforward dashboard of reports – all based on the unique data collected from each of your clients’ accounts – gives you ample information that can help increase your business’s success!

ERP Software Moves Your Business into the Future

The power of ERP software is found in the technology of today that keeps you, as the owner or manager, constantly up-to-date with what’s happening in your company. Once properly incorporated into your day-to-day processes, an affordable program can efficiently track a wide variety of activities, expenditures, communications, and expectations that impact you, including:

Having access to all of these functions and processes saves you mega-amounts of time and sweat equity on the back end of the business. You’ll be more able to track what’s happening (or what needs to happen!) in real-time, and support the strategic decisions you make with actionable data. When a quality ERP software is incorporated throughout your enterprise, you’ll find fewer mistakes being made and more money being saved!

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A Voyage Towards Accessible Technology

Although ERP software was once seen as only available for the already-established cleaning conglomerates – which put the “little guy” at a distinct competitive disadvantage – quality systems are now also able to be utilized by smaller enterprises, as well! Rather than having to download software and maintain manual updates on desktop computers, today’s ERP software is available on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, via the Internet. This functionality provides for real-time access to a central database that integrates all the applications needed to plan your business and your resources. It allows for accurate, data-driven decisions to be made at any time, from anywhere. It also gives cleaning enterprises the confidence to legitimately compete for clients, knowing that their ERP software will allow them to manage their financial considerations, client segmentation, sales, labor, and day-to-day operations all from one system. This level of legitimacy and transparency helps clients look past the size of your business and see the capabilities of your business, instead!

See the Deep Impact of ERP Software

ERP software purchases should always come accompanied by quality training on how to incorporate it into your business operations. It should also include ongoing updates to the technology as additional features and benefits are made available. Once your employees and clients get the hang of how to input accurate data into the system and utilize the various features and apps, the ERP software will quickly improve the quality and efficiency of your business. Your time will be less spent at the desk in your office, surrounded by papers, papers, and more papers, and invested, instead into your customer service, employee engagement and business betterment activities.

The levels of communication that an ERP software can provide will also make a massive difference in how you connect with your clients, coordinate employee schedules, manage work orders and fluidly adjust to inevitable bumps in the road ahead. Being able to adapt to change and find flexible solutions will increase the capability of your business, as you will have access to the information that you depend on, all in the palm of your hand. This information includes documents, files, contacts, communiques, work orders, inspections, and more… you don’t have to dig through files or find the right stack of papers in your vehicle, on the counter at home, or the desk in the office. It’s streamlined. It’s effective.

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Explore the Final Frontiers of ERP Software

Today’s management resources are expanding and improving in warp speed. If you’re still stuck in the past, it’s time to expand your horizons and see what lies ahead. Connect with Janitorial Manager today to schedule a FREE demo, and see what the future of your business could look like!


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