Adopting Effective Cleaning Software: The Benefits and the Pitfalls

Trying something new can be scary. A new hobby, a new place to eat, a new exercise routine… what if you’re not good at it? What if you fail? But it can be extra intimidating to try something new with your business, especially if it’s in an area where you don’t feel prepared or apt to figuring things out, like tech or software. But if you own any kind of cleaning business, adopting an effective cleaning software program to help you run your business is really the only way to stay relevant in today’s market. While making that big of a change may seem daunting, if you can find the most effective cleaning software for your type of business, it will revolutionize the way you do your work. The imperative word there is “if.”

Pros and Cons

Finding the most effective cleaning software for your particular niche in the cleaning world may be harder than you think. While there are many benefits to adopting a software solution for a cleaning company, there are just as many pitfalls if you don’t choose the right one. Don’t let that stop you – the most successful cleaning companies are using software solutions to run every aspect of their businesses.

  • If you spend more time putting out fires than building your business…
  • If your employee turnover is too high
  • If you have trouble communicating with your staff or your customers…
  • If you feel the need to lower your bids to win more cleaning jobs…
  • If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done…

…then you definitely need cleaning software! Let’s look at the top 3 most needed benefits and the 3 pitfalls to avoid when searching for the most effective cleaning software program:

The Benefits

Effective Cleaning Software

Benefit #1: Handheld Organization

Even if you’re the most organized person on the planet, a software solution specifically designed to handle every aspect of your cleaning business will alleviate a lot of the items on your plate, which can free you up in ways you haven’t even thought about. Whether it’s your scheduling process, your timekeeping and financials, your communication channels or your inventory ordering, the right software solution can organize each piece so you don’t have to do it manually with a paper calendar, sticky notes and an outdated PC. It frees you up so you aren’t chained to your office! This means you can help more people and win more bids because you have everything you need wherever you are.

Benefit #2: Apps for Success

Most up-to-par cleaning software solutions offer a variety of apps to make your day-to-day process even easier. Whether it’s a client portal to communicate with your customers, a messaging app to be in constant contact with your cleaners, a bidding app to make sure you’re following the ISSA standards set for your type of cleaning, or an inspections app to handle every detail of post-cleaning progress, the best cleaning software programs have app options that work with any smart device. With apps like these, you can literally run your business from anywhere.

Benefit #3: True Work Management

Maybe you feel like you have too many plates spinning in the air, and if you miss something, they’re all going to fall. If that’s true, then you’re not really managing your business. Rather, you’re merely keeping it afloat. This is where a great cleaning software program can really help you turn things around. You can receive work orders, order inventory and supplies, manage your calendar, print invoices, tabulate reports and maintain contact information for everyone associated with your business. You don’t have to leave anything to chance ever again.

The Pitfalls

Effective Cleaning Software

Pitfall #1: It Can Be Expensive

There are some software solutions out there that are too expensive to work within most budgets. Most software companies work their pricing around each company they contact, but you want to make sure you avoid scam sites that offer you everything for an amazingly low price. The best products out there are those priced in the mid-range. The size of your company may help you decide the software you need but plan on budgeting well for an effective cleaning software.

Pitfall #2: Too Many Options

If you’re new to using a software solution to handle a part of your business, incorporating a program that has too many bells and whistles will be overwhelming, especially if the company you choose doesn’t provide troubleshooting. The best type of software program can be customized to handle everything YOUR business needs, not what every other business may need. This would include how intuitive you need the program to be, what specifications are necessary for your system, etc.

Pitfall #3: Help When You Need It

Speaking of troubleshooting – make sure you’re comfortable with the level of customer service the software partner you choose is willing to provide. You need to know that you can get answers when you need them, not 24-48 hours later, via email or an automatic call. They should be able to provide you with personal, one-on-one customer service using whatever means of contact works best for you. Ensure that the company you choose is trustworthy and has had experience in your part of the cleaning industry.

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