Take some of the pressure off and share these cleaning training courses with your new hires for a thorough introduction to your work

Most of us probably don’t think much about cleaning training courses. Once you go through the hiring process, it’s fair to say that you want your new hires to get going as soon as possible. They have a day or two of hands-on training, go home with a company handbook or training manual, and that’s probably the end of it aside from a few tips here and there on the job.

But we all know that the quality work customers expect isn’t going to randomly appear. It takes time. It means sharing specific protocols and instructions with new hires. Even when those new hires are conscientious and hard-working, they can’t know what your standards are without a solid onboarding process

Some of that requires in-person time, showing them where the supplies are, the details of client spaces, and introducing them to your team and customers. But you can make some of this more manageable by taking advantage of cleaning training courses. These courses can save you time and speed up the process of getting your new hires up to speed. Here are some of the courses that can help.

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Cleaning Training Courses

Discover the cleaning training courses that your new hires need

1. Basic Custodial Technician Training: This introductory training is one of two cleaning training courses from the Cleaning Management Institute, and one of the most longstanding programs available. The six-module course covers customer service, the Chemistry of Cleaning, above-floor services, cleaning hard floors and carpeted floor, and restrooms. 

2. Advanced Custodial Technician Training: The advanced training from CMI is a three-module course that teaches advanced cleaning for hard floors and carpeted floors as well as advanced cleaning for above-floor surfaces. 

3. Customer Service Training: Customer service is a vitally important aspect of your business success. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure your team is well-versed in customer service. This course, also from CMI, is “specially focused on customer service in a custodial environment from handling complaints, defusing confrontations, taking ownership of tasks,” and other customer service issues. 

4. Safety Awareness for New Employees: Commercial cleaning companies may work in any number of environments, which is why this safety course is vital for new hires. They will learn to recognize and protect themselves from many common workplace hazards. 

5. Bloodborne Pathogen Standard: Whether you work in schools, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, or retail shops, your team will likely need to deal with bodily fluids. This training will keep your team safe and healthy. The standard comes from OSHA, however, since they don’t offer training, you’ll have to contact them to find out where you can get training. 

6. BSCAI COVID-19 Disinfection & Safety Course and Certificate: There are a number of COVID-19 safety courses on the market, but this course from Building Service Contractors Association International is designed especially for janitorial staff, cleaning supervisors, and facility maintenance staff. And it’s offered by a group that has substantial experience in facility maintenance and cleaning. The program covers the science of cleaning and disinfecting, essential infection control, safety, disinfecting procedures specifically for COVID-19, and documentation procedures. Additionally, it’s approved by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). 

7. Introduction to HAZWOPER: This course is for employees who do handle or may handle hazardous materials. The course helps employees learn to identify, evaluate, and control chemical hazards. 

8. Respiratory Protection and Safety: Almost every janitorial employee will need to work with respiratory irritants like cleaning chemicals, dust, and other materials. This course covers OSHA’s Respiratory Standard and is an important part of some compliance regulations.

9. First Aid: While not required for most commercial cleaning work, it never hurts to know first aid. This course, from the National Safety Council, covers essential life support techniques and meets the OSHA First Aid Standard

10. Your own training videos: If you’ve already made your training videos, these can be great resources. They showcase your specific cleaning protocols and clients. They highlight any products you use. And you can introduce any specialized cleaning equipment your team uses. (If you don’t have your training videos, be sure to read our short guide to find out how easy it can be to make them.)

Specialized janitorial courses to help you build the most in-demand business in town

11. GBAC Fundamentals Online Course: Cleaning & Disinfection Principles: This course is by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) and covers topics including how to use PPE, how to clean and disinfect properly to maintain a healthy environment, and infection and contamination control for infectious diseases. The course is about 2 – 3 hours, and upon completion, you can use “GBAC-Trained Technician” in your communications. 

12. Carpet Care Specialist: This is one of two cleaning training courses for more advanced commercial cleaning technicians. Along with the floor care specialist training below, your team will learn about stain removal, deep cleaning, and maintenance. 

13. Floor Care Specialist: Like the carpet care course, this course focuses on daily maintenance, stripping and refinishing, and scrubbing. 

14. Green Cleaning Technician: This course from the Green Clean Institute is a six-video series that starts with an introduction to green cleaning and best practices. Throughout the course, they cover indoor air quality, building-related illness, sick building syndrome, bioload and biofilm, PPE, biohazard reporting, dwell time, green cleaning products and tools, and so much more. 

15. Strategies for Preventing Health Care-Associated Infection: This advanced-level course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention takes an in-depth look at the “socio-adaptive issues to consider when implementing quality improvement work.” You’ll learn how to engage clinicians and hospital management in implementing new infection prevention procedures. 

16. Environmental Cleaning: Despite the simple name, this multi-module course, also from the CDC, covers pathogen transmission, staff training and cleaning policies, and quality improvement strategies. 

Of course, you can’t replace hands-on training. However, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of these courses and give your employees the knowledge and confidence they need to do the job.

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