Is your luck running out when it comes to selling cleaning contracts? Try these approaches to start winning. 

Many commercial cleaning company owners get into the business because they’re good at cleaning or know how to manage a cleaning crew effectively. However, you could pretty safely bet that there aren’t many who decide to open a cleaning business because they’re good at selling cleaning contracts. 

Nevertheless, you do what you have to do to make things work. You learn business skills as you go along, either from other people or from past mistakes. For example, you can learn how to deal with bad online reviews from customers or you can work a shift yourself when you don’t schedule your team correctly. 

But there’s only so long your business can last if you aren’t very good at selling cleaning contracts. The question remains, how do you up your game if you aren’t a natural salesperson?

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Selling Cleaning Contracts

5 Ways to Get Better at Selling Cleaning Contracts

1. Do your homework. One thing to be careful about is that if you get into desperation mode, you may end up selling cleaning contracts that hurt you financially. There will always be a company that can undercut you on price. However, if you lower your price too much, you’ll operate at a loss. What good does it do you to win a contract if you’re locked into a deal that actually costs you to provide the service? Do your homework ahead of time. Understand where your bottom line is and examine how much you need to make for a job to be profitable. To start, look at the ISSA time and task standards and begin using a bidding calculator (both of which are built into Janitorial Manager’s software). 

2. Sell on value, not price. Even if you have the best prices around, you’ll still have more success if you sell on value. Point out the benefits your prospect will get by working with you. Maybe that’s highly-trained technicians, so they don’t have to worry about the job getting done right. Perhaps it’s a dedicated crew, so they’ll see the same people every day and know who’s working in their space. You can’t ignore price, of course. People want to know what they will need to pay. Even so, you can shift the conversation to highlight the benefits of working with your team. 

3. Be friendly. Plain and simple. People feel much more comfortable working with people they like. There’s no real mystery or secret here. You don’t even need to be a “salesperson” to pull this off. 

4. Ask questions. The more you know about the bid, the more you’ll be able to provide good information and solid numbers. You’ll also know if your company is up to the task. You’re far better off recommending another cleaning company than winning a bid you aren’t prepared for. That could be due to the number of people you would need for a job, or it could be a matter of skill or even timing. The point is, that if you set yourself up to do a poor job, your reputation will suffer. 

5. Sell your team. Here’s a fantastic idea from ISSA editorial director Jeff Cross. When you’re selling cleaning contracts, forget about yourself, your business, and all the “usual” business selling points. Instead, make the idea of working with you a personal one. Talk about your people and how much you love having them on your team. Mention how much care and effort they put into the work. Let your prospect know who will be in their facility, and help them put a face on your commercial cleaning business. 

Ultimately, the best salespeople are those who can listen well and focus on building relationships. Even so, it helps to have a few tools in your bag that can push things along. The best part about the tips here is that they don’t require you to be a typical salesperson. You just need to be yourself. 

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