Harness the power of the internet to connect with the janitorial business opportunities that are right for your company.

Gone are the days of yellow pages and newspaper advertisements. While both still exist and surely bring in a few customers, the internet has become the new norm for connecting businesses with the customers they seek. Custodial services are no different. The internet is full of janitorial business opportunities. The trick is knowing how to find and attract them.

The reality is that it’s unlikely places like offices, health care facilities, or universities will post an ad looking for a cleaning service. Instead, business owners talk to others about the services they need. You’re going to find other people in the cleaning industry talking about available opportunities. You’re going to find customers who are looking for you, and you want to be there when they start their searches.

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Janitorial Business Opportunities

5 Online ideas for finding janitorial business opportunities

1. Online forums and groups

As with in-person prospecting, networking is a valuable tool online as well. With social media and internet forums as plentiful as they are today, it’s never been easier to connect both with people in your industry and the clients who are looking for you. The Janitorial Subcontracting Network on LinkedIn, for example, is a great place to find people who might know of janitorial business opportunities in your area. With nearly 9,000 members, you’re bound to establish relationships that lead to increased business for your company.

There’s also the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association, which helps get your name into the online world, as well as JanitorialBids.net, where you can bid for some of the most competitive janitorial business opportunities.

Discussion forums like CleaningTalk.com also serve as useful resources not only for obtaining business, but also for staying on top of current issues and developments in your industry—something that will help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

2. Paid advertising

Though not the most cost-effective way to land janitorial business opportunities, spending a little cash to get your brand in front of local business owners is usually a worthwhile investment. Targeted advertising on platforms like Instagram and Facebook will help you reach the audiences most in need of your services, while working with relevant publishers will increase the number of eyes that see your squeaky-clean logo.

It’s true that taking out ad space isn’t actually “finding” the leads on your own, but that doesn’t make it any less useful as a means of connecting with potential clients. Especially considering how much business is done online these days, it makes sense to have an active display ad presence so even businesses that may not be thinking about commercial cleaning services have your company top-of-mind when they do need help.

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3. Strong website with SEO

In that same vein, a stellar, search optimized (SEO) website will also help you land new customers. Again, people turn to the internet more than newspapers when looking for services, and one of the first things people do is use a search engine like Google to find what they’re looking for. If you don’t have a website, or if it isn’t fully optimized, you run the risk of being buried underneath too many results ever to be seen.

4. Find new businesses, create database

If businesses can use Google to find you, you can also use it to find new janitorial business opportunities. Search for local companies both new and old and make a database with your CRM software. Use that database to create e-mail or direct mail marketing campaigns to reach out and establish yourself as a regional leader in your industry.

Review websites like Yelp! are another great place to find leads you can add to your list. Sites like these not only allow you to locate other local businesses, but you might even be able to glean from some of the reviews whether or not the business might be in need of cleaning services. You’ll especially want to target industries like food service, beauty, private education, and large retailers for potential janitorial business opportunities.

5. Craigslist and job boards

While most businesses won’t post the need for commercial cleaning services, many will post ads for janitors and custodians. Use these to your advantage. Respond to the ads with an ad of your own, letting them know about the services you offer. All of these ads are potential new janitorial business opportunities. Sure, they won’t all translate into new customers, but even if only a few do, you’ve acquired new business without spending a dime.

Craigslist is also an oft-forgotten place to post your services. Many people still use the posting board to find local or temporary help, so make sure your business is represented there. It’s free to post in most places and easy to renew your posting every few days to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities.