You’ve probably already noticed, but in the commercial cleaning industry, business as usual isn’t so ‘usual’ anymore. The friendly, face-to-face, handshake agreement system for cleaning contracts has become – slowly, but surely – replaced by expectations for a more innovative, tech-savvy approach.

Are you prepared to keep up?

The Times They Are A Changin’

In a world so heavily dependent on the endless menu of contractor options available online, it’s essential that you are ready to play by the new rules of the cleaning business game. As such, there is one tool that you absolutely must take full advantage of… Contract cleaning software.

While the words, “Cloud-based information management” may sound Greek to you, contract cleaning software basically boils down to this:

You can access all your business documents, reports, work orders, schedules, pricing formulas, contract templates, inspections charts, client requests and communications, and so much more – anywhere, at any time, from your phone, tablet, laptop or other Internet-connected device!

This means that the loose papers, stacks of notebooks and misplaced sticky notes floating around in your office and work truck can all go away! There will be no more hunting down that thing you wrote for that client on that one paper that you put somewhere over there a week ago…

Beyond the ability to regain your organizational sanity, the main benefit of using such a software is that it sets your business up to succeed in today’s fast-paced, ever-increasing expectations, environment!

You Must GET Customers, Before You Can KEEP Customers

When it comes to being able to compete with other – and perhaps much larger! – cleaning services contractors, the image you present to your potential customers matters. Effectively using the right software and mobile tools positions you to appear (and to actually be!) far more capable and established than you are right now, especially if you are a small or start-up cleaning company.

Up to this point, you likely have felt the strain of attempting to explain to prospects how:

  • Your hard work ethic sets your company apart… or
  • Your family’s long history in the industry has honed your skills over the past ‘x’ number of years… or
  • You really want to do a good job so that you can grow your business and support your family… or
  • Whatever your approach has been

But it’s been such an uphill battle! And perhaps you’ve seen too many potential customers become clients of more tech-savvy companies, instead.

While experience, passion and hard work will always be important pieces of keeping customers, in today’s competitive business world, the right business tools – contract cleaning software! – are the key to getting those customers in the first place.

What’s at Stake for You?

Stop for just a moment and try to recall every time that you…

  • Couldn’t find the answer to an important client’s question fast enough to stop him from leaving
  • Pulled your hair out trying to coordinate your team’s schedules during a holiday week
  • Took too long to submit a proposal to a potential new client and failed to capture her business
  • Got one too many calls from a dissatisfied client who found issues that a proper inspection could’ve prevented
  • Didn’t know if that potential customer’s industry would be profitable enough for you to get into… but now you always wonder if you really missed out on a great opportunity
  • Felt unprepared to provide accurate stats on your company’s performance or abilities
  • Underbid (or overbid) a job and now you’re living with the consequences
  • Misplaced your folders of pending work orders or you lost the sticky note you wrote them down on.

Think of all the business – and hence, profits! – that you lost or simply missed out on for every time any of those situations occurred.

…It’s shocking, right?

Here’s How Contract Cleaning Software Can Help!

When cleaning business owners choose to implement the use of online, cloud-based software, it’s a game-changer. Instead of scrambling to keep up with the accelerating pace of the industry, you finally become one of the pace-setters!

You become one of those business owners who can quickly pull up information on your smartphone or tablet to accurately answer your clients’ or prospects’ questions or requests, on the spot.

You become able to easily produce professional-looking documents and reports that reflects your credibility and the high quality of work that you take pride in.

You become more competitive by differentiating yourself – not based on price – but by being prepared, professional and capable.

Leveraging the possibilities of contract cleaning software can be one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to accomplish this!

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of the Possibilities?

The benefit of utilizing a contract cleaning software is that it’s a game-changer for cleaning business owners trying to keep up with the increasing pace of the ever-changing industry.

Still don’t believe it? Schedule a FREE DEMO of Janitorial Manager to see for yourself!