With Christmas just behind us, you probably received some nice, new toys – adults can have fun toys too, right? When you put those new items on your wish list – like a new car, maybe a new computer, or a new smartphone – your goal is usually to find something better than what you already have. You want better functionality, something more intuitive than what you have…you’re looking for an upgrade that will serve your needs in even better ways. While this is probably a common practice in your personal life, you may be hesitant to try anything new with your business, especially if it has to do with new technology. You’re used to handling things in a certain way, and change is hard for most people to sort out. But if you own or manage a janitorial cleaning company, you may want to rethink your hesitation.

Any business field has it’s challenges, but the commercial cleaning industry has some very specific obstacles. Whether it’s the ridiculously high turnover rate, the constant, changing needs of your customers, the fierce competition for new clientele or the time and effort it takes to find a niche for your business, there’s a lot on your plate already, and making big changes can be overwhelming. However, if some new technology could help you better handle the nuances of your business and stay more organized, would that alleviate some stress over the bigger issues? We think so!


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The New Thing: Janitorial Software

Janitorial software is a cloud-based work management program designed to help you with your every day jobs – the things that take up most of your time. The best janitorial software programs help you save time, improve efficiency and retain the clients you have (and help you gain new ones). There are plenty of reasons why this is one change that is worth making, but here are 4 features that will improve how your business functions:

Easy to Use

No one wants to upgrade to something difficult or complicated – if you got a new smartphone, but couldn’t use it unless you read the entire user manual first, you would probably head back to the store to make a return. The same goes for a product like janitorial software. You already have your basic schedule set up, you have ways to communicate with your employees, you could probably name most of your clients off the top of your head. Janitorial software will not only improve the way you handle your business, but the best programs are incredibly intuitive and easy to use – you can find everything you need with one click, and because most products have apps to use, you can take it wherever you go.


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When you get a new toy, you want to be able to make it your own. Most people don’t want to stick with the default settings for anything – you change the way the screen looks, you move the mirrors and seats in a new car. With the best janitorial software programs, you should be able to customize the majority of the components so it looks and works the way you need it to. Whether it’s color-coding in your calendar, personal notes on client or employee information, or the way you view your budget, this type of software is built for you.


Everyone can use some help with organization, even when it comes to your business. Janitorial software makes staying organized a breeze:

  • Keep your schedule up-to-date
  • Know your inventory – what you use, how often you use it and where it’s used most
  • Track your employees’ jobs and hours
  • Maintain your budget
  • Measure your profits and costs
  • Manage work orders and inspections
  • Communicate with clients


If you were to ask your clients what they feel is the most important aspect in hiring (and keeping) a third party for just about anything, their answer would be good communication. People want to know what they’re getting and how it helps them, and janitorial software is no different. You want to be able to communicate with your employees, and your clients want to be able to communicate with you, especially if there are concerns or problems. With this software, you can provide feedback for your employees on their jobs, handle training issues, and receive notifications when a client contacts you, keeping you in the know at all times. Opening the lines of communication will show your commitment to your clients, it will help your employees with their time management, and can aid you with quality control.


Make the Right Choice

If you’re seeking new features and better functionality, janitorial software is the best option to improve every area of your business. There are a lot of programs out there, but Janitorial Manager was created for you. Our software is affordable, easy to use and ready to help you handle every aspect of your cleaning jobs. Contact us today for a free demo, and let us show you how easy it is to make this change for your company!