You can’t have a business without customers! Follow these tips to secure more janitorial accounts and see your company thrive.

After months of hard work, you’re finally ready to launch your new cleaning company. There’s only one problem: You’re a professional cleaner, not a marketer. And without marketing, it’s going to be challenging to find janitorial accounts that will produce income.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to learn the basic ropes of marketing that you’ll need to build your business. While janitorial accounts aren’t easy to come by, they don’t have to be difficult to earn, either. Once you’ve identified your target audiences, there are some simple things you can do to find and nurture leads on your own as well as to draw leads towards your business.

Janitorial Accounts

10 Ways to market your business and attract janitorial accounts

1. Paid advertisements

One of the most traditional ways to land new janitorial accounts is to take out paid ads. Of course, you may not have a big budget for paid ads, but there are less expensive ways to place ads that will reach your target demographic. FacebookAds and Google AdWords are two ways to use paid advertising on social media to further your reach, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. And these services do a better job targeting your potential customers than sending flyers or postcards (which will require nearly the same amount of money once you’ve paid for supplies and postage).

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2. Organic social media marketing

Marketers use social media to develop leads organically (read: for free). Connecting with others on social media and regularly posting content puts you out there to a world of people looking for cleaning services. LinkedIn and Instagram, in particular, are excellent platforms for obtaining more janitorial accounts. With LinkedIn, you can join groups, post about your services, and link to your website. And the cleaning industry benefits significantly from Instagram because you can post pictures of your work as a testimony to the quality you offer.

3. Invest in a robust website

It’s true that most anyone can start a website these days, even without computer knowledge. However, such sites are easily identifiable and suggest to potential janitorial accounts that you don’t invest in your business (even if you do). Don’t be tempted by the free websites. You can pay for online services or hire a contractor all for relatively low prices, and once the website is made, you can post updates yourself for free, making this a one-time spend that’s well worth the money.

4. Customer reviews

Another benefit of an online presence is the ability to have customers post reviews. Ask your current clients, friends, and family to do so. Others read these reviews and often base decisions on what people have to say. You can even offer an incentive to post a review, just make sure that you provide incentives for any reviews—even negative ones. (Incentivizing only positive reviews is illegal in most cases.)

5. Lead exchanges and networks

Online marketplaces that generate or allow the exchange of leads are becoming more and more popular for janitorial accounts. Services like those provided by Exchange Leads can help you increase your business almost instantly. If you’re looking for more robust networking, BNI offers useful services that will connect you with local businesses and more.

6. Buy new accounts

This is a tricky tactic because there are many services out there that will sell you unprofitable accounts without you realizing it. However, there are some, such as where you can buy credible new leads as well as enjoy a host of other services.

7. Janitorial management software

Janitorial management software is helpful in generating new janitorial accounts by streamlining your ability to reach out and connect with previous prospects as well as follow up with current prospects. Use this kind of software to send e-mails and organize your contacts so you can optimize your outreach to those most likely to convert to a sale.

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8. Cleaning associations

Cleaning associations connect you with other professionals in the business, which gets others talking about you and your work. These associations often have resources for finding new janitorial accounts, and they all provide a network of people who may potentially be interested in your business.

9. Ask for referrals

Similar to online customer reviews, asking family, friends, customers, and prospects for referrals is a time-tested way to gain more business. Even prospects who reject a proposal may know a business that would be a better fit for you. Ask even those you think might be unlikely to help—they might surprise you!

10. Talk, talk, talk

Word-of-mouth marketing is another traditional platform that has proven effective over and over again. Talk to everyone you meet about your business, tell them how excited you are to grow it, show pictures of your work on your smartphone. If you talk, you’ll get others talking, and that almost always leads to new business.

Most importantly, don’t give up. Marketing a new business takes time and effort. Keep at it and watch for progress.