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In 2016, Ellissa Figueroa and Ana Chicas McNamara decided to start their own cleaning business despite only knowing each other for six months. Join us as we look at their journey in the cleaning industry, from humbling beginnings to industry success. 


  • Not giving themselves a paycheck for the first year in business
  • Breaking barriers. 80% of their team are women and 100% of employees are minorities
  • Standing out in a competitive market in Washington, D.C.
  • Every day challenges women still face in the cleaning industry
  • Finding the perfect work/life balance
  • 2024 industry pain points

Featured Guest(s):

Illissa Figueroa

Illissa Figueroa

Ana Chicas Mcnamara

Ana Chicas McNamara

Ana Chicas McNamara and Illisa Figueroa are the owners of Preferred Capital Cleaning. They began the company part-time in October 2016. At the inception of their business, they had only known each other for six months, having worked as co-workers at another job. They met once a month to develop their plan, focusing on janitorial work. In 2020, they transitioned to full-time with their business venture. However, just one week later, the COVID-19 pandemic forced widespread shutdowns. Despite these challenges, they have managed to thrive, now employing over 100 individuals, with 80% of them being women and 100% belonging to minority groups.

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