If you clean offices for a living, you know the importance of getting things done. Your job needs to be done well, in a timely manner, at a competitive price, and all to the satisfaction of your customers. And if you own your cleaning business, you may be searching for ways to help your employees be more efficient in their cleaning jobs, but with the competition in the commercial cleaning industry these days, you find yourself coming up short. What if there was a tool that could help both you and your employees get more things done, in a more organized fashion, without breaking your bank or stressing you out? Well, today is your lucky day – that tool is here, and it’s called office cleaning software.

Using a cleaning software may seem intimidating, especially if you’re used to handling your business without today’s technology. But you can ask anyone out there, and they would say that using technology is by far your best option for getting things done, even for your business. You can’t beat being able to fully run operations from your smartphone or your computer, giving you more freedom and allowing your employees to be more self-sufficient.

If you’re in charge, think about the areas that frustrate you:


  • Scheduling?
  • Keeping tabs on inventory?
  • Managing your clientele or your staff?
  • Work order tracking?


How can office cleaning software help you?

Scheduling: Throw away your paper calendar or your bulky planner – cleaning software can help you keep yourself and your employees organized through numerous features, including a comprehensive, easy-to-use calendar option, designed to take the hassle out of scheduling. You can filter the calendar to show you just information for your clients, or just information for your employees (or both), to make sure all areas are covered. You can use the calendar to schedule work orders, inspections, ordering supplies and more. You can even use color-coding to give you a visual reminder of what needs to happen when. This not only helps you stay up to date on everything that needs to be done, but helps you know exactly what and when jobs or inspections were completed, so you have a record of it without leaving yourself a sticky note or only depending on your employees to fill in the gaps.

Inventory: Take the guesswork out of managing your supplies by utilizing the inventory section of your office cleaning software. Say you need to look up a list of the supplies used at a particular’s clients office – no problem! You can view and manage supply items and usage with one click. Need to know which supplier you use for cleaning chemicals? Done! You can maintain a list of current (and not current) suppliers you use and which items come from each one. If you have a larger business that uses lots of supplies (and suppliers), this feature is especially helpful so you don’t have to try to keep track of every item – you can have one less headache by having it all prepared and up-to-date.

Management: Whether you’re focusing on your employees or your clients, you can manage both with ease. You can store as much information as you need (like anniversaries or birthdays) for each client and each employee, relieving you of trying to remember every detail. The software also stores every work order fulfilled for each client, when inspections were done and which employee did the work, leaving no doubt about job completion. You can also use cleaning software to see your most profitable clients (and those that aren’t), your budget versus your costs, and even the amount of training each employee has received, all helping you increase your bottom line and saving you time.

Access: You need to give your clients and your employees access to your business, but you don’t want to give them too much. That’s where cleaning software helps you divide access as needed, whether by allowing your employees to use a specifically designated portion of the software for their needs, or by using a client portal to keep the lines of communication open with your clients. You can simultaneously serve your clients and help your employees prosper without fear of giving away too much information.

Take a load off

Running a business is hard work, and most short cuts you find won’t help you get many things done in the long run. Take things off of your to-do list and save yourself some time and money by using an office cleaning software for your business. Have questions? Contact us at Janitorial Manager – we can answer your questions and give you a free demo of our software. Let us help you get things done!