Perfect the art of client communication with the help of janitorial work order software.

Providing a great customer experience is easy when you have the right tools. One of the most valuable tools new cleaning business owners can invest in is their janitorial work order software. Today’s janitorial software does more than enhance day to day operations such as lead management and bidding. It can do amazing things to improve ongoing client communication efforts.

The way you interact with your customers has a significant impact on the future of your cleaning business. It’s one thing to promote the ultimate customer experience, and it’s another thing to succeed at sustaining it. You have plenty of chances to leave a positive impression, but nothing attracts clients more than a company that makes effective communication a top priority. Clients want to feel heard far beyond the job bidding process. It takes time to build the kind of trust you need to win them over as long-term clients. They need to learn that you can deliver on your promises every single time.

If you come across any setbacks, you and your team must take full accountability and communicate the expected results or outcomes. Never leave them in the dark as to what is going on. As long as your efforts are honest and consistent, clients will see that providing a great customer experience is your primary concern.

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Janitorial Work Order Software

How Client Communication Improves by Using Janitorial Work Order Software

Maintain full budget transparency

Clients should never have to worry about their monthly cleaning budget, and with the help of janitorial work order software, they never have to. Instead of giving inaccurate labor and supply guesstimates, you can organize and monitor specific budgets for each location you manage.

From cleaning supplies to janitorial time tracking, you can keep track of every single dollar. With the help of geo time tracking tools, workers can only clock in and out when standing within set job location parameters. Managers can monitor labor costs and also their cleaners to make sure they’re on the job when they should be. With each client’s expenses stored digitally, it’s easy to stay organized and on track to meet or even exceed monthly budget goals.

Tasks are always completed, even with a reduction in staff

The last thing you want to do is miss a scheduled cleaning appointment because the one person who usually does the job is out. Contracted duties still need to be performed, even in the probable event that an employee uses their sick days or vacation time.

By using janitorial work order software, assignment instructions are always clear and concise, despite missing members of your team. And because work orders are created and filed digitally, they’re always accessible and will never get lost in the shuffle. New cleaners never have to guess what needs to be completed because customizable, location-based checklists ensure the job is done how the client wants it, every single time.

Digital inspection practices encourage constructive feedback

Cleaning jobs vary in complexity, but even the most easygoing clients might have criticism from time to time. It’s crucial to keep the lines of communication open so every client can provide feedback whenever they feel necessary. The best janitorial software providers will include mobile inspection tools that make it easy to monitor and uphold quality control standards.

On-site inspectors can communicate concerns and even send images instead of trying to find the right words to describe certain messes. Managers can also use inspection reports to boost accountability and ongoing janitorial training efforts. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, managers can take a more proactive approach and work with their team to focus on the tasks or employees that need the most improvement.

Translation tools eliminate language barriers

Language barriers can impede communication, but with the help of janitorial software translation features, there’s no limit to what your team can achieve. Language enhancements are only available through Janitorial Manager software, and their multilingual tools improve communication throughout the entire janitorial process. Any correspondence sent to your team will be translated into their preferred language, providing clarity about the facilities cleaning instructions and quality expectations.

Client portal features help keep everyone informed

A client portal is one of the best features included with janitorial software because it facilitates open discussion between your cleaning team and your clients. By providing clients with portal access, you’re setting the tone that you value their time and that communication is of paramount importance to your business. Whether clients need to communicate last-minute job changes or request additional cleaning services and supplies, the last thing you want to do is make them wait. In fact, most consumers prefer immediate contact within 10 minutes of submitting a customer service inquiry. By using a portal, client messages are distributed to appropriate team members in real-time so they can respond to clients and fulfill their cleaning demands with greater efficiency. With direct communication and access to monitor ongoing projects, your clients will feel involved and confident in your team’s ability to meet their specific needs. Another bonus is that every message is saved for the times you need to access past conversations for training and quality assurance purposes.

Eliminate scheduling confusion

Whether it’s a client with recurring schedules or one time jobs, it can be quite the undertaking to manage multiple cleaning locations. Every client has particular scheduling requirements, and without a robust system in place, you’ll find yourself spending hours trying to organize numerous paper calendars. With the help of janitorial work order software, you can maintain well-organized schedules for each site managed. With digital scheduling tools, you can also set reminders to alert you when employees overlook assignments. Alerts give you the opportunity to send in another team member before the client realizes there was ever a problem with staffing. 

 The best janitorial software systems should give you the tools you need to nurture lasting client relationships. If your janitorial work order software isn’t nurturing client communication, it might be time to switch.

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