The work of professional janitors everywhere became high profile when Covid-19 hit. What changed?

Professional janitors have been on the front lines keeping people safe and healthy for decades. Often, that work went unnoticed. No one pays much attention when they don’t catch the flu or the cold that’s going around the office. 

That all changed in March of 2020. The human immune system wasn’t prepared for the new coronavirus spreading rapidly around the globe. Suddenly there was an emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting. People put their trust in the work of professional janitors, even as we were all learning day by day about this virus. Commercial cleaning companies became essential businesses, and phones were ringing nonstop. 

Environmental service workers in hospitals were working harder than ever. And everywhere, commercial cleaning operations had to get creative in sourcing supplies. So what changed the way the world views the professional cleaning industry? 

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Professional Janitors

The undeniable importance of professional janitors

Perhaps one of the most significant changes for professional janitors since the beginning of 2020 is visibility. Before then, a lot of janitorial work took place after hours or early in the morning. So janitors and cleaning crews certainly weren’t on the news or on the covers of magazines. 

But with staff shortages, quarantines, and social distancing, it became clear how many things the janitorial staff take care of in a facility. Before, no one would notice the clean bathroom, the empty wastebasket, the stain-free carpet, or the clean tables in a cafeteria. It only takes a few overflowing trash cans and dirty microwaves for people to understand how reliant they are on janitorial services. 

Though not specifically from the janitorial industry, one related example is the garbage collection issue in New York City. Amid labor shortages, the Department of Sanitation found they couldn’t keep up with the amount of trash produced in the city. As mountains of garbage piled up, city residents realized quickly how much they needed these essential services. 

The same thing happens in an office building, school, health club, or restaurant. It’s on a smaller scale, of course, but people do notice. 

Indeed, there are these apparent benefits for businesses to hire professional janitors. A clean, pleasant facility is good for morale, customer satisfaction, and keeping people healthy. You already know that. You aren’t alone, though. Your clients notice, too.

Here are just a few examples from online reviews.

Corvus Janitorial Systems in Denver, CO: 

“The place always shines after they’ve come by.”

“This company has been great to work with. They went above and beyond when we needed them the most during COVID.”

Austin Commercial Cleaning in Austin, TX:

“We are a five-story, 45-unit condo building close to downtown. We hired Austin Commercial Cleaning […] and we are quite pleased with their attention to detail, dependability, and the ease of communication with our cleaning crew. We see the crew cleaning not only the floors and decks, but also “up,” dusting light fixtures and door lintels.”

Green Apple Commercial Cleaning of Baltimore in Baltimore, MD:

“We recently used Green Apple Cleaning for an event we put on. […]They worked diligently and brought our guests peace of mind that everything was sanitized and sparkling. Would definitely recommend and will definitely use again!”

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services in Louisville, KY:

“Office Pride has been cleaning our 3,000sqft facility for about 6 months now. It is a blessing to not have to spend my time cleaning, so I win back that time spent elsewhere on the business, AND they do 10x better job than I did at my best.”

“I’ve been very impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail & willingness to go above and beyond for their customers. Office Pride & their crews are definitely a cut above!”

Memphis Clean in Memphis, TN:

“They have done an outstanding job cleaning the grouts in the bathrooms of our luxury Hotel. Their service, pricing, and details to attention are remarkable.”

“Not only is this company stellar at what it does, but the owner of this company has invested personal funds during this trying, difficult, and stressful climate to purchase any and all safety gear for his employees. He cares not only so much about his clients to continue to provide much-needed services, particularly during this time when cleanliness isn’t only preferable, but crucial and imperative, but also about his valued employees to do anything and everything he can to keep them safe, no matter the cost. A+, five and a half stars, hands down. Thanks, MemphisClean!!”

All those reviews are great, but it’s that last one that really brings home the idea that professional janitors are seen and appreciated. Janitorial work makes a difference in people’s lives. These reviews prove it.

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