Commercial cleaning problems don’t have to ruin your day (or your reputation). Find out how a janitorial inspection app can help you prevent a disaster.

Oh boy! You’ve had to deal with “that” call? It usually comes the minute you walk into the office, and there’s inevitably an angry voice on the other end. In so many words, you hear all about the lazy, terrible, no-good cleaning job that your team did yesterday. Worst of all, there’s a big event today, and, whatever the issue is, it needs to be taken care of RIGHT NOW!

To be fair, most of us work with people who are much more reasonable and have a bit more tact. Still, commercial cleaning problems are more than just a nuisance. They can have a significant impact on the reputation of your clients, and therefore, your reputation (not to mention your budget). When people walk into a dirty building, they immediately think less of the business, whether that’s an apartment complex or a retail building or an office park. As the building services contractor, it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But you can only do so much, and try as you may, commercial cleaning problems happen all the time. It’s easy for even the most experienced crew to forget a task or miss something now and then. There is, however, a simple solution: an inspection app.

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Commercial Cleaning Problems

Taking care of commercial cleaning problems before they begin

Many commercial cleaning problems happen over time. Your crew doesn’t maintain the quality they once did. Janitorial equipment starts to break down.

Other problems are more acute. Your clients have a change in management with different expectations. Or someone on your team only does the work the right way when you are around. These are all very real issues, and you probably already do what you can to mitigate any hassles these bring.

One way to do that is to perform regular inspections. It’s essential to make sure everyone on your team is adequately trained and is carrying out their responsibilities in a thorough and efficient way. Inspections give you the opportunity to offer feedback, have an on-the-spot training session, or to realize that there’s a gap in your onboarding process. At the same time, you can’t be everywhere at once.

Use a janitorial inspection app

Even though you can’t physically be in multiple places at once, an inspection app can help you and your team supervisors keep up with the work your team is doing, no matter where they are. A good app does more than just give you a file full of photos to sort through. And taking pictures on a smartphone works, but that can get clumsy in short order. In some situations, it can be hard to tell where the image is from or when exactly it was taken.

A janitorial inspections app bypasses the bulky texts and vague locations by storing images in a location-specific database. That allows you to look at pictures over time and see if the quality of work has indeed gone down or if any areas are overlooked. Your site inspectors and supervisors can also rate a job, so you know if your team is achieving their goals or if there are areas where additional training might be necessary.

Of course, images are just one part of an overall reporting feature you can find on high-quality janitorial inspection apps. You also have access to real-time reporting, giving you immediate feedback on how well your team is performing.

That’s all great for dealing with commercial cleaning problems when they happen, but the idea is to avoid problems altogether. An inspection app can help you correct problems after the fact, but it also helps bring issues to the attention of your team. After all, they can’t make changes if they don’t know what needs to change.

But what if, even with an inspection app, you don’t know there’s an issue. Something was omitted from the janitorial checklist, or it somehow gets overlooked. Despite your best efforts, it happens. Without regular inspections, that small omission can grow exponentially.

Pair your app with a janitorial software

A good inspection app works best when it’s paired with a communication tool and powerful janitorial software. One of the most important ways to keep commercial cleaning problems from escalating is through quick, responsive communication. When your clients can communicate directly with you and your on-site team, that eliminates the barrier of time. You don’t have to be in the office for them to reach you. Nor do you have to relay messages and requests to your team.

Like an inspection app, a communication app can help you keep up with client messages, so nothing gets skipped. You can review service requests, track progress, and manage interactions. Add to that a cloud-based software that includes cleaning checklists, maintenance schedules, inventory lists, and special instructions and you seriously reduce the chances that you’ll run into performance and equipment issues. In fact, you could very well eliminate some of the most challenging janitorial issues that building service contractors face, like poor quality control and failure to follow through on job responsibilities.

And to make it even more helpful, you can keep all of your location information together, including your inspection template and schedule of inspections in your janitorial inspections app.

Like any industry, you can’t entirely eliminate problems. You can, however, take steps to reduce the frustration that comes with feeling like those problems are out of your control. Commercial cleaning problems don’t have to leave you shaking your head and feeling overwhelmed.

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