You have plenty of commercial cleaning company competitors. Find out how you can stay ahead.

Commercial cleaning company competitors are nothing new. If you’ve been lucky enough to make it this far without very much competition, you are indeed one of the few. Competition, however, can often push us to do our best, to be innovative, and to find ways to improve our practices.

Competition can also be scary. There are more than a few commercial cleaning operations out there that are more than willing to cut corners and offer low-quality services just to get the business. And unfortunately, it can take a while sometimes for customers to understand the difference.

There are also high-quality commercial cleaners that may have offerings on their service menu that you don’t. They might have more experience or more name recognition. They might even have a pricing structure that you can’t beat.

This all means that you’re competing not just with low-quality cleaners; you’re also competing with serious and reputable businesses. That’s why it’s so important to set yourself apart from your commercial cleaning company competitors. Whether they’re some of the best in the business or they leave something to be desired, your job is to find out what’s different about your company and figure out how to market that.

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Cleaning Company Competitors

Staying one step ahead of your commercial cleaning company competitors

When you have cleaning company competitors coming at you from both sides, it’s easy to get worried and panic. You can’t reduce your prices to beat the low-cost companies, nor should you. You also don’t have the advertising dollars that big companies have. 

First, take a breath. To stay on top of your game, you have to start with a clear head and an objective view of the situation. And you need to be completely honest with yourself. 

Is your team doing the absolute best job possible, or is there room for improvement? Do you keep in touch with your clients and check in on their business needs? Are your administrative duties up to date and organized? 

If you can answer yes to these and similar questions, you’re in a sweet spot. You can offer your clients a personal touch that the big names may not be able to. You can provide higher-quality service than those discount operations. 

But even if you aren’t sure, there are ways you can look objectively at your performance. Here are a few ways to get an unbiased look at your commercial cleaning company. 

  • Check your online reviews. Yelp and Google are the two big ones here, but you also may find reviews on sites like Nextdoor or other local news and information sites. Ideally, you should check these regularly (and respond to them), but if you haven’t, go through them and see what people say about your business. Are there any common complaints? Do you have five stars all the way around? Are the most recent reviews getting better or worse than earlier reviews? This is valuable information. Use it wisely. 
  • Send out anonymous surveys to customers. Your current clients will often be happy to help you review and improve your business. A simple survey with two or three questions can provide you with a snapshot of your business from a customer’s point of view. While you can get that with online reviews, they could be old or fake. That’s why asking your current customers for their input can be helpful. Just be sure it’s anonymous if you want truthful answers.
  • Look at employee retention. Happy employees create happy customers, so employee retention is a good indicator that your company is doing well. 
  • Review inspection reports. Your inspections can also give you valuable information about how effectively your team is working. If your team has a history of failed inspections, your cleaning company competitors have an excellent opening to come in and offer your customer better quality work. 

Let’s assume everything in your organization is perfect. Your team is efficient and flawless, and the customer service is the best it can be. You’re still stuck in competition with cleaning companies that can offer lower prices or can spend more money acquiring customers. What can you do to set yourself apart from your cleaning company competitors? 

As a smaller, but high-quality business, you can sell on value. You can offer your clients the personal touch of a small business, with the customer service and attention to detail of a large company. Looking at some of the above points, you have a lot going for you.

  • A collection of rave reviews from satisfied customers
  • Long-term employees who know the job and do it well
  • A history of excellent inspections

These are the things potential clients are going to look for. So why not give them what they want right from the start? Include them with your bid to make a packet. Make it easy for prospects to choose your company. That’s how you beat the competition.

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