Finding work at colleges and universities isn’t hard if you know how to bid on cleaning jobs like these. Just follow a few simple steps.

Colleges and universities are great clients for a commercial cleaning business. Most want to maintain a squeaky-clean appearance at all times in classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and even hallways. However, that also means that they are big jobs to take on and there’s usually quite a bit of competition for them. That’s why it’s helpful to know how to bid on cleaning jobs like these.

Bidding on college and university cleaning jobs is a lot different from bidding on residential or office jobs. You need to offer all of the right services, have all of the right equipment, and enough staff to tackle the work. You also need to make sure that you have all the proper safety equipment, as colleges can harbor lots of harmful bacteria due to all of the people that pass through each day. That said, winning a bid on a college or university can be very rewarding, both professionally and financially.

Even though learning how to bid on cleaning jobs at universities and colleges isn’t difficult, you’ll need to first find the jobs to bid on. There are several ways to do this. First, you can perform a good old-fashioned internet search to see if any schools have a listing for a commercial cleaner. You can also solicit the schools directly, either through a direct mailing, a cold call, or showing up in person to try to schedule an appointment with a key decision-maker. If you already have a university as a client, perhaps they know of another in the area looking for cleaners as well.

Whichever methods you use to find the work, remember that it’s essential to reach the correct person. Do some research to find out which department or faculty member is responsible for the school’s cleaning situation. You’re much more likely to have success if you can make a connection with someone who will ultimately review bids and choose a cleaner.

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How To Bid On Cleaning Jobs

How to bid on cleaning jobs and stand out from your competition

One of the most important things to know about bidding on cleaning jobs at schools is that your bid needs to stand apart from the others. Do this by learning in advance any specialty services that the school might need. Ask questions or take a self-guided tour of the campus to diagnose their cleaning needs on your own.

If you can, offer services that you may not ordinarily include, like window-washing or floor-buffing. The more specialty services you can provide, the more likely you are to win the bid. (Just remember that you need to be able to make good on your word. Don’t offer services you can’t provide!)

Finally, consider offering discounts or package deals when you can. Doing so will indeed separate you from the competition, and you’ll have earned a client you can hold on to for a long time if you do your job well.

Don’t forget, though, that just as important as knowing how to bid on cleaning jobs at schools is understanding¬†how to keep them happy. Discounts and promotions can help, however, the work you do must also speak for itself. Use highly-qualified staff to tackle projects as big as universities and colleges. Train your workforce on appropriate safety precautions and ensure they practice them. Use green cleaning products instead of traditional ones. (This is sure to please parents as well as administrators!) And of course, leave no stone unturned.

Another thing to remember is to maintain consistency. When you can, send the same people to do the same jobs so they get into a rhythm and do things the same every time. It’s strange to say, but the goal is to have a client who never notices how clean the place is only because they don’t find anything untidy about it. Consistency is key to achieving this goal, and one thing out of place can be enough to make a client start inspecting the rest of the work you’ve done.

Word to the wise: Don’t assume your client is happy with your performance just because they haven’t said anything to you. They may be secretly looking for your replacement while you go along thinking everything is fine. Be proactive. Check in with your clients from time to time and ask how you’re doing and whether there’s anything they’d like you to do differently. If they’re satisfied, they’ll appreciate the gestures, and if they’re not, they’ll have a chance to voice their concerns.

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