Choose a Cleaning Company Name That Stands Out in a Crowd

The importance of selecting your new cleaning company name cannot be understated. Before your customers ever speak with you or experience your extraordinary service, they will see your name. So, you better make it a good one! The cost of picking the wrong one or changing your mind later can be very expensive.

Everything you do in your business directly or indirectly affects your success. How you name your company is one of the first steps. Sometimes, a good name just jumps out at you. But often, coming up with the right one can be a real challenge. In fact, all too frequently, business owners choose poorly. For example, take a look at these unfortunate business names:

  • Amigone Funeral Home Inc.
  • Boring Business Systems
  • Goin’ Postal
  • Passmore Gas and Propane
  • Stubbs Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Curl Up & Dye Salon
  • …and many other unfortunate and inappropriate names we shall not mention here…

While there are a number of rules for naming your business that can help you make the right decision, here are some tips to help you choose a cleaning company name.

1. Your Cleaning Company Name and Your Purpose

First, what are you trying to communicate to your audience about your company? What is the foundation of your business? Think of your business’ purpose. What is the value you offer? How about the foundation of your business? Can you capture it in your cleaning company name?

Next, think about your mission statement, can you communicate it in a name? Make a list of key terms and start from there. What can you tell your customers about what you believe? What you value? Put it in your name! Your answers can help you choose a cleaning company name.

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2. Be Creative With Your Cleaning Company Name

Creativity may not be your strong suit. However, spending a little time trying to find a clever twist can be very valuable. Google the most creative company names and see if anything sticks out to you. Don’t copy someone else, but try to get ideas that might work for you; a clever play on words, an unexpected twist, or a term that really sticks out. If you are convinced you can’t be creative, find someone who is to help you choose a cleaning company name! Input from others, especially those who think creatively, can be very valuable.

3. Make a List of Potentials

Don’t pick the first name that comes to mind. Take your time and write all your ideas down. When you’re brainstorming, write everything down that you think of, even if it seems crazy. It’s an important part of the process. When you think you have exhausted your ideas, spend some time going through the list. Say them out loud. Get opinions from people you respect. Narrow the list to just a few and then sleep on it for a few nights.

Keep in mind, as you review your list, that your names should be easy to spell and pronounce. Also, make sure the name you choose doesn’t limit growth.

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4. Your Cleaning Company Name Availability

Your town doesn’t need another A+ Cleaning Service, Extreme Team Cleaning or “Your Town” Premium Clean! First, those aren’t creative. Second, you need to differentiate yourself. Names that are similar will confuse your potential clients.

The easiest first step is to do a quick web search for your area. If the search doesn’t show any conflicts and you don’t get any other weird returns, then it might be clear, but further steps are necessary.

Additionally, you need to make sure the domain is available. A web search may not reveal whether the domain name is actually available. To make certain, you will need to use a search tool like www.name.com or any of the many other available tools.

Next, check the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Electronic Search System (Tess). While getting a trademark for your new cleaning company name is a good idea, it’s not critical. A trademark can offer protection, but acquiring one can be expensive for a startup. However, if you don’t at least check the availability of your name, this could result in a cease and desist letter followed by substantial expense.

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5. Make a Decision

At some point, you will have to pull the trigger. You can’t let it hold you up. Hopefully, by this point, you have a unique cleaning company name that clearly communicates your core values and differentiates you from the competition. Lock it down. Get your domain, register it with your state and local governments and if you can, get it trademarked.