A cleaning report is one of the best documents you can give your customers. And they’re about to get even better.

That’s a big statement. Is a cleaning report really one of the best documents you can give your customers? We think it is. Here’s why.

Many janitorial teams work after hours or do their best to stay out of the way when they work during business hours. That’s reasonable, of course. You don’t want people to slip on freshly mopped floors or trip over vacuum cords. Unfortunately, that means your work can easily go unnoticed unless there are problems.

In such a competitive field, you really don’t want your work to fly under the radar. It’s great to leave a space immaculate, but it’s also human nature to forget that there are people to thank for that immaculate lobby, spotless breakroom, and the seemingly endless supply of hand soap in the bathrooms.

That’s where a cleaning report can help you. And it can help your customers, too. They can get an inside look at the work your team does, of course. But along with that, a cleaning report can keep them updated on things like wear and tear on fixtures, carpets, seating, and so on.

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Cleaning Report

Creating a cleaning report that creates happy customers

You might be wondering how, with a busy schedule, you’re going to add one more thing to your to-do list. The nice thing about creating a cleaning report is that you can use QR Codes for live time reports.

Here’s how that works, at least with software like Janitorial Manager. Scan4Clean is a feature within Janitorial Manager that reads custom and exclusive QR codes that, among other things, include checklists for different areas of the facilities you service. Your team, as well as your customers, can scan these codes, and easily find out what tasks are on the checklist, when a room was last cleaned, and who cleaned it. Employees can also upload photos of the finished work.

While your customers can scan the QR codes to find out where you are in the cleaning process, or see when an area was last cleaned, they can also make requests to clean specific areas and rate their satisfaction. This helps bring some recognition to employees for their work, but it also helps your customers think about the work your team does.

Meanwhile, the client portal allows your clients to track your progress from anywhere, even if they aren’t onsite. They can log in and get live data regarding what your team has completed and what still needs to be done. Thanks to location-based messaging, clients can reach your team for any questions, concerns, or requests they may have.

How else can QR codes help your commercial cleaning business?

QR codes, Scan4Clean, and cleaning reports aren’t just for your customers’ benefit. There are other business advantages for tracking. For example, you can get real-time information on how long it takes your team to clean areas, giving you the information you need to renegotiate a contract or to make future bids.

This tracking also helps employees. They don’t have to guess if something was done or not. They don’t need to remember every item on a checklist. It’s all there, marked as done (or not). And with photo documentation, there’s no question about the excellent work they do.

Making the most of your reports

QR codes are great for live-time reporting, but you don’t have to rely on your client to check-in for these reports and updates. You can easily package this information up to send to them with your monthly invoice. It’s a nice value-added service since it shows in writing and in pictures what your clients get for their money.

And again, it’s a great way to showcase your value by pointing out areas and items that will need replacement or updates soon, such as worn-out carpets. More than that, though, a cleaning report every so subtly reminds your clients that when they see your invoice, they’re getting their money’s worth.

Your team is in there night after night wiping down conference rooms, sanitizing surfaces in the breakroom, disinfecting high-touch surfaces like light switches and door handles, changing the liner in wastebaskets, cleaning the toilet, refilling the hand sanitizer, and so much more.

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