Not all janitorial proposals are created equal. If you’re only focused on the price, you may be missing out.

Janitorial proposals are about more than money. Yes, you need to be competitive with costs, and yes, the price will be something that customers look at when deciding which janitorial services company to go with. However, every company that bids will focus on the cash aspect, and most of them will likely have comparable offerings in terms of cost for service.

To write janitorial proposals that stand out from the rest, you’ll want to highlight more than just the great value that someone will get for their buck. Things like niche offerings, company values, and customer service quality, among other things, all play a critical role in whether or not a customer decides to go with your proposal. You need to demonstrate what sets you apart, what makes you different from the rest. And those details are usually found apart from pricing.

Giving a lot of weight to your overall company value in your janitorial proposals isn’t just good for you, but it’s good for the customers, too. When a customer sees that your company has the same values and interests as they do, they’re more likely to do business with you. The result will be a customer base that aligns with your company’s vision and values, making it the best sort of working relationship you can ask for.

So how do you write such janitorial proposals? Here are some tips on how to wow customers with more than just a competitive price.

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Janitorial Proposals

Discover 7 ways your janitorial proposals can seal the deal

1. Be specific

When you’re talking about how great your company is, don’t just state that as a fact and expect it to resonate. Most companies will say that they’re great, but they don’t all take the time to outline what makes them great. Have you won awards? Do you have customer testimonials you can use? What does your client retention rate look like? Being specific with these details does more than just say that you’re the best; it offers proof that you are, in fact, one of the best.

2. Boast about certifications

Another area to be specific about is the certifications you may have. Don’t just say your company is certified. For all a customer knows, you’re just saying that because it’s an easy way to impress. Instead, list out which certifications you have, how you came to obtain those certifications, and how those certifications have led you to other jobs. If team members have individual certifications, say so. It will help potential customers understand the scope of specialized services you’re able to offer, and it will also tell them if you have the particular certifications that are meaningful to them as it relates to their janitorial needs.

3. COVID-19 cleaning procedures

Even though the pandemic appears to be winding down, COVID-19 is here to stay, at least in our collective awareness. That’s why it’s important to include a section on COVID-19 cleaning procedures in your janitorial proposals, probably for the foreseeable future. Leaving this important section out could make or break your proposal as most potential customers will want to know how you’re going to help keep their business safe and free from this and other viruses.

4. Get personal

You might also find it helpful to include a section on your team members with short summaries about each one of them. The summaries don’t have to be strictly professional; they can touch on things about each member’s unique interests. This section makes your company more personable. It also starts to build trust with a customer before they become a customer, which is critical to having a successful business relationship. If your team is too big to provide a summary for each person, at least list their names, certifications, and how long each person has been with the company.

5. Company mission

Spend time talking about your company mission and values in your janitorial proposals. People like to understand why you do what you do. It isn’t enough to just say you own and operate a cleaning business to make a living. Why did you choose this industry? What drives you? How do you want your company to be seen by the public? Why is it important to you to use green cleaning products or technology like Janitorial Manager to help run your business? Connecting with people on this level during the proposal process will give them more color around what kind of company you are and will help elevate you above those companies that left out any mention of their visions and values.

6. Include testimonials

We touched on testimonials briefly, but they deserve their own section because they can be that important. Word-of-mouth can make or break a company, so you want to make sure that if others are saying good things about you, you share that information with people who may find it most helpful—namely, prospective customers. When others can vouch for you, it will help ease any concerns a customer may have about your offerings. Without testimonials, customers rely only on the information you provide about your company, which doesn’t do much for proof of concept.

7. Tailor to client needs

Finally, make sure that your janitorial proposals aren’t so cookie-cutter that they fail to address a specific client’s needs. If someone has a strong need for carpet cleaning professionals, but all you do is highlight your waxing and buffing services, you’ve missed an opportunity to show a client that you can meet their specific needs and that you’re not just a generic cleaning company. Do your research before writing and presenting your proposal, and make sure that you’re speaking to the needs of the people whose business you’re trying to win.

Most of this is easy to set up as part of your proposal template. The rest is just a matter of digging into some of the details. So before you offer another proposal, take a close look at what you have. Ask yourself how your company stands out. If it isn’t clear on the proposal, it might be time to reevaluate your template and give it an upgrade.

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