Restroom maintenance got you a little backed up? Find out how to make your restrooms look remarkable all the time.

It’s time to face the fact that restroom maintenance and cleanliness is one of the trickiest parts of a commercial cleaning job. To be fair, there are some excellent reasons for this. Restrooms tend to be out of the way and closed off, making it harder to walk by and notice something that needs attention. And it only takes one person or one malfunctioning pipe to turn the space from a sparkling oasis into a disaster. Yikes!

Despite that, there’s a lot you can do to keep the restrooms in your facilities worthy of a five-star review. Most of these are simple and relatively cost-neutral. Others will depend on the contract you have and the extent of your work. In either case, any steps you can take to improve the way a facility’s restrooms look (and smell!) can go a long way in helping improve customer service and retaining customers. 

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Restroom Maintenance

Your complete guide to a new restroom maintenance program 

We’ll start with a few basics and move on from there. A restroom maintenance plan doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s often those little things that make the most significant difference. 

1. Ensure your team has the right equipment. You might think this is a given, but it’s not unusual for janitorial staff to work without all the equipment they need to do the job correctly. This includes everything from the cleaning products you use to trash can liners to gloves for your team.

2. Ensure your team is properly trained. Sometimes it may feel a little ridiculous to show someone how to clean a restroom, but it’s important so that you know the job is getting done correctly. Training, for both new and experienced staff, is a vital part of ensuring good customer service.

3. Create a checklist. Once your team is trained, this is the next step in helping them remember everything they need to do. Checklists are also easy to update if there are any changes to the tasks.

4. Ensure you have the people to do the job. There are ways to cut expenses, but cutting back on personnel could lead to gaps in service. Make sure that you have either the time or the people to maintain a high quality of work.

5. Refill everything. If there’s empty space, fill it up. This goes for soap dispensers, toilet paper, paper towels, air fresheners, and anything else that may need to be filled in the restroom. While this is obvious when supplies are low, part of a good restroom maintenance program is making sure you don’t run out of these items. So even if your products aren’t that low, go ahead and fill them. 

6. Track your supplies. This is helpful not just in restroom maintenance, but in all of your work. Certainly, you don’t want to run out of anything. Be aware, however, that having to rush order items when you unexpectedly run low can add significant costs to an order. By the way, we happen to know of software that can help you with this

7. Ensure your team remains on schedule. There are plenty of reasons you want your team to stay on schedule, but restroom cleanliness is one of the biggest reasons. How often a restroom is cleaned is conditional, depending on your contract, but if your team is there while a facility is open and operating, make sure those restrooms get the attention they need when they need it. 

The next restroom maintenance items may be outside the scope of your contract. However, if you do have some leeway in how these items are handled, a few minor upgrades could go a long way in helping you keep those restrooms spotless. 

8. Splurge on nice paper. No one expects the toilet paper in a public restroom to be luxurious. However, it doesn’t have to be thin and rough, either. It may be worth the extra expense to upgrade your rolls. The same goes for the paper towels. 

9. Get smart. Along with fixtures like faucets that turn on and off automatically when they sense movement, there are also dispensers that will alert you when they get low. Some smart systems can even alert you to things like leaking toilets and heavy restroom traffic.

Bonus tip: Open the windows. This low-budget move isn’t always practical or realistic, but if it’s possible, fresh air can do wonders for helping a restroom feel refreshed and clean. 

Again, it’s the little things that count. Toilet paper and soap might not seem like a big deal, but when you need it and it’s not there, well, you can imagine how that will turn out.

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