Double A Solutions is excited to announce its new multilingual solutions for janitorial software, JM.


In a groundbreaking new release, Janitorial Manager now has both translation and multilingual enhancements. These multilingual solutions for janitorial software will provide enhanced communication throughout your entire janitorial operation.


The messaging translation enhancement allows an employee to select their preferred language in the messaging app.  Any communication sent to the employee will be translated into their preferred language, providing clarity about instructions and expectations.


With the multilingual addition to Janitorial Manager, users have the ability to select their preferred language upon login. This feature then updates all text in the JM Connect app to the chosen language. Our multilingual solutions will allow JM users to improve performance, outcomes, and employee retention.


Many cleaning operations and businesses struggle with a language barrier between employees, supervisors, and leadership. As a software development company, Janitorial Manager is continually upgrading its products to meet critical industry needs. That’s why Double A Solutions developed multilingual solutions for janitorial software, JM, to meet the needs of our customers.



“We saw this as an opportunity to provide a solution for an on-going and growing challenge facing our customers. Multilingual access is currently exclusive to Janitorial Manager. It was an easy decision to add this benefit to our program,” Archie Heinl, President.


Janitorial Manager is a fully-integrated management software that provides solutions to the challenges you face in your cleaning operation. Designed by janitors for janitors, JM offers work loading and budgeting tools, project management, inspection platforms, inventory management, employee tracking and more in one easy to use program that is accessible on your desktop and all smart devices. Janitorial Manager helps you achieve budgetary goals and increase efficiency and communication in your cleaning organization.