Commercial cleaning efficiency is vital to business success. So is quality. Can you have both?

There’s no question that commercial cleaning efficiency is one of the keys to running a successful business. It’s also true that you want to give your customers high-quality service. 

And while efficiency and quality can sometimes be at odds, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Why not? Efficiency is about speed, certainly, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about making smart choices, staying organized, and making each moment count. 

As for quality, in the world of commercial cleaning, that means doing your job well. A quality cleaning job should help a space look clean (no dust or dirt, no crumbs on tables, etc.) and also be clean. When you and your team do the job well, you’re contributing to the health and wellness of your clients. In addition to looking nice, you’re also removing bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust, and other contaminants that can impact people. 

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Cleaning Efficiency

Learn how commercial cleaning efficiency and quality go hand in hand

One thing that trips people up when it comes to cleaning efficiency and quality is the assumption that efficiency means fast and that quality takes time. That leaves us with an either/or situation. Indeed, efficiency can be synonymous with speed. And yes, quality work can take time. 

However, efficient work isn’t necessarily fast. Nor does quality work necessarily take extra time. Here’s an example. 

If I have to sweep and mop a floor, I could run to the janitor’s closet to get a broom, run back to sweep the floor, then run to the closet again to get the mop and mop bucket. However, a more efficient approach would be to take the sweeping and mopping supplies in one trip, if possible. 

Consolidation is one aspect of commercial cleaning efficiency that can be practiced throughout your business. 

Here’s another example. If your team travels to several locations per shift, they can move efficiently by going in order from the closest location to the one farthest away (or vice versa) rather than traveling randomly from place to place. Scheduling like this will save you plenty of time (efficiency) that you can use to offer your clients high-quality work. 

Another point where commercial cleaning efficiency and quality come together is in the products and equipment you use. You can offer better work, and do it more efficiently when you use the right tools for the job. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are five ways to improve your team’s commercial cleaning efficiency while still performing high-quality work. 

1. Keep cleaning supplies stocked. Running out of supplies is highly inefficient. Extra time is then spent tracking down what you need or looking for an adequate replacement instead of being able to just clean. Using software like Janitorial Manager can help with inventory control, so you never have to worry about running out of the supplies you need. 

2. Keep your equipment maintained. Equipment maintenance is integral to cleaning efficiency. It’s also a smart way to save money. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and works better than neglected equipment. And, like with supplies, you aren’t stuck trying to figure out a solution when your equipment breaks down. 

3. Train your team. There’s so much to be said for training. Even experienced commercial cleaners can learn from an occasional training program. Encompassing a wide range of topics, training can cover equipment handling, safety in the workplace, hazardous material training and simply new employment training. 

4. Use the right products and tools. Certain commercial cleaning tools and products work better than others for particular jobs. And some are more efficient than others. Why use a 12-inch push broom, for example, when a 24-inch broom would be better? 

5. Use the products and tools right. I know this sounds like almost the same thing as the last point, but it’s really quite different. For instance, if you buy your cleaning solutions as concentrates vs. RTU (ready to use), ensure your team is diluting them correctly. Too much, and you’re wasting supplies. Too little, and the product won’t work correctly. 

All of these steps will help you work more efficiently, and there’s no negative impact at all on quality. If anything, they can help you improve your quality of work just as much as they can enhance your level of efficiency. 

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