If you’ve thought about how to improve client communication for your cleaning business, a janitorial customer portal might be the solution. 

When you’re in the janitorial business, client communication is vital. It’s especially true for teams that work after hours when you might rarely see your customers. That business relationship depends on keeping in touch with them and making it easy for them to reach you. That’s why it’s always wise to think about how to improve client communication. 

Good communication is the key to good customer service. Good communication can limit mistakes, disappointments, and customer churn. It’s essentially a business insurance policy against all the things that could go wrong on a job. And even when things do go wrong, just talking to (or texting with) customers can be enough to keep them happy.

Even for teams that work during business hours, “official” communication is essential for questions about billing, adding services, making changes to task lists, and other contract-related items. Plus, your customers want to know what your team is doing. While they can certainly see some of the results of their work, it’s hard to point to the dust that isn’t there or the not-empty soap dispenser in the restroom as proof of work. 

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How To Improve Client Communication

How to improve client communication so your cleaning business can thrive

If you’re thinking of different strategies for how to improve client communication, you’re already on the right track. That means you care about your client’s experience. But where should you begin? How about a client portal that gives them insight into your work. 

A janitorial client portal is an easy way to upgrade your professional image, improve your customer service, and give you the upper hand when it comes to winning or renewing contracts. Sounds great, but what does a portal “actually” do? And is it really that much different than a smartphone? 

The short answer is that a client portal has tons of features that make it easier for your customers to be involved in the work you’re doing for them. And, yes, a client portal is so much better than relying on a smartphone or email to communicate with you. Rather than looking for contact information or trying to connect with you to send a message to your janitorial team, a portal keeps everything in one place. 

When you’re considering how to improve client communication, a janitorial portal is a convenient, user-friendly, and organized way to stay in contact. Let’s back up, though. What exactly is a janitorial client portal? 

You’ve probably come across something similar with your doctor’s office, kid’s school, or even websites like Amazon. These portals are central hubs that keep track of your communications or orders. For example, your doctor’s office portal may have a history of your visits, blood tests, health problems, and prescriptions. There’s likely also a place for you to request medication refills, referrals, new appointments, or submit other questions. 

A janitorial customer portal is similar. It’s a central hub where your customers can submit work orders, supply requests, and leave inspection feedback. Customers can also track the status of work orders and supply requests in real-time. In addition, clients can use a janitorial portal on their mobile app to send direct messages to you. The bottom line is that a janitorial portal enhances essential communication (and provides a paper trail) so that cleaning businesses can meet their customer’s needs. And when you can consistently provide excellent communication and service for your customers, you’ll increase client retention rates.

And since clients can connect directly with your team, communication is clear and streamlined. Messages don’t need to go from the client to you to your team lead to everyone else. 

Of course, a janitorial client portal isn’t the only way to improve communication. Here are a few other ideas that can help. 

Send a Newsletter. Newsletters can be one-sided, but remember that your clients want to feel connected to you and your team, at least to some degree. Once each month is sufficient, but if you want to send them twice per month, that’s great, too. Feature your team, mention any new products or services, or talk about certifications.

Schedule Site Visits. Call your clients and schedule a site visit with them. Do a repeat of your original walkthrough and find out if they’re happy with the service so far or if there’s anything that needs to change. 

Send Handwritten Cards. This is as much about reminding your customer how much you appreciate them as it is about communication. That said, a card with a thoughtful, hand-written note can do wonders for helping your business stand out. And while holidays are always good times for sending cards, sending a mid-summer card is an unexpected bit of customer appreciation. 

Be Responsive. If you want to know how to improve client communication, responsiveness may be one of the best things you can offer. Whether through a janitorial client portal, a phone call, or email, the sooner you respond to any questions or comments, the more your customers will feel like they are important to you. Even if your response to a question is that you don’t know, you can find out and keep them in the loop. 

When it comes to client communication, the best thing you can do for your cleaning business is to stay in touch with your clients and make it easy for them to get in touch with you. A janitorial client portal is the best way to do that, but even if you don’t take advantage of that technology, make sure your clients can reach you without having to run in circles.

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