There’s an easy way to make your educational facility cleaning better than ever.

Sure, you’ve seen QR codes on restaurant menus, tickets for sporting events, and on advertisements. But QR codes have come a long way, and you can do so much more with them. One of those additional things is improving your educational facility cleaning.

I realize it seems like quite the jump from a restaurant menu to a clean classroom. However, it’s the same technology, just used differently.

QR codes are a source of information. There are different types of QR codes, but for our purposes concerning educational facility cleaning, it’s enough to mention that you can use a QR code to direct you to anything from a website to a training video to a task checklist. And while there are technical differences between QR codes for, say, the wine list at your favorite restaurant and a continually-updated cleaning checklist, it’s still a simple tool to convey information.

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Educational Facility Cleaning

How to use QR codes to improve your educational facility cleaning

In janitorial services, there aren’t too many contracts that are more unpredictable than educational facility cleaning. You never know when kids are going to spill something, track mud or snow into the building, splash water everywhere when they wash their hands, or make some other mess. And we all know that’s just the beginning, whether we’re talking about elementary school, high school, or college.

It’s understandable. You can’t have dozens or hundreds of people walking in and out of rooms and buildings all day without some messes. Plus, there’s something to be said for the job security!

The downside is that it can be hard to keep up. It can be challenging to know if you need to fill the soap dispenser or disinfect light switches without a careful examination. Of course, you have a checklist, but that only tells you so much, especially when you have teams of people working, some of whom won’t even see each other more than once or twice a day.

There is, however, a solution.

You can streamline your educational facility cleaning and make your work more effective with QR codes.

How does that work? It’s pretty simple, actually. You can create a small QR code for each room or area of a building that will direct your team to a real-time checklist. With that checklist, your team can see when a space was last cleaned, what was done, and who did it.

Why is that helpful? For one thing, that live look at a checklist can help your team move through a facility more quickly. They don’t need to open the soap dispenser in the restroom to see if it’s full or track down a coworker to find out if they have already disinfected light switches. With a quick scan of the QR code, they can see whether or not a task still needs to be completed.

QR codes also offer accountability. When employees sign into or out of an area, they can view a list of procedures and directions. They can also report end times, as well as add pictures, proving the work is done to standards. And since there are no guarantees in educational facility cleaning that something will be pristine ten minutes after it’s cleaned, it’s helpful to have these images.

For all of these reasons, QR codes can help you and your team improve upon the work you already do. But there are additional benefits, as well.

Since these codes help increase communication and save you time, they also save you money. Your team isn’t needlessly checking up on work that may or may not be done already. Even better, they aren’t doubling up and doing tasks that were already completed by someone else.

If you’re thinking this all sounds helpful, and also wondering how you’ll manage QR codes for dozens of rooms on multiple floors, and potentially across several buildings, we have a solution that we call Scan4Clean. This feature is built into Janitorial Manager, and let’s you create the codes you need to keep up with the work you do.

Educational facility cleaning can be challenging, for sure. But those challenges can be tamed, and the reward is knowing that you’re contributing to healthier and safer learning environments for the students and staff that occupy the buildings each day.

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