Impress your corporate customers; use an office spring cleaning list to get the season started right

Different seasons call for different cleaning protocols, and the transition from winter to spring can set the stage for the entire year. You and your clients are moving away from cold and flu season, getting more sunlight, and hopefully opening some windows for that fresh spring breeze.

Your team has a checklist for cleaning office buildings, but winter takes a toll on even the cleanest space. An office spring cleaning list can help your team focus on taking care of all the slush, salt, and dirt that winter left behind.

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Office Spring Cleaning

The ultimate office spring cleaning list

Floors first

Floors tend to take the most damage from the winter elements. Boots track in the salt from snowy roads and sidewalks. Slush makes its way into offices, leading to damp carpets that could get moldy if they aren’t cleaned properly. And all that mud can scratch or otherwise damage the floors or carpet fibers.

Plan to spend extra time mopping and vacuuming the floors. Even if you don’t live in a snowy area, spring comes with its own rain and mud, so prepare for wet floors.

If you don’t already steam clean, suggest a spring cleaning add-on to your clients that includes steam cleaning carpets. Or you could include it as a seasonal deep clean in your original proposal.

Daily disinfectant

Make it a point to specify sanitation tasks on your office spring cleaning checklist, such as water-cooler buttons, refrigerator handles, and faucet handles, among others. Wipe down things like chair arms, door handles, and light switches, all of which can carry infectious germs. And it’s a good idea to give those phones and keyboards some extra attention to get rid of any infectious bacteria that are hanging on. (Pro tip: Make sure your team uses a disinfectant spray for this and not all-purpose cleaner!)

HVAC and windows

Two items to put on your list are HVAC units and windows. Dust and other dirt can accumulate in the vents of HVAC units. When late spring comes, and your client uses the air conditioner, all that dust, and possibly mold, gets blown into the office, contaminating the air and possibly getting people sick. Dust and disinfect HVAC vents to help avoid dusty, dirty air, and the spread of allergens.

While you’re at it, take special care of windows, too; especially on the outside. All the filth that gets tracked into an office entryway accumulates on windows as cars drive by and spew salt and dirt into the air throughout the winter. That’s why it’s particularly important to clean the outside of the windows as well as the inside. If the office you’re cleaning is a few floors up, make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment to clean the windows on the outside, otherwise, consider bringing in a contractor to do it for you.

Go the extra mile

Think about little things you can add to your office spring cleaning checklist as well. Offer your clients a cleaning checklist of their own for keeping their space nice and tidy, like decluttering drawers and reorganizing physical and electronic files. (And, of course, make sure your logo, contact information, and website are visible on the checklists!)

Give the refrigerator and entire break room some extra attention. Clean light fixtures, dust shelves, and leave disinfectant wipes in places where they’ll likely be needed so that employees who want to can easily clean areas themselves when you’re not there. Remember that in addition to helping to keep people healthy, your ultimate goal is to satisfy your clients in ways that other cleaning companies don’t. Find ways to set yourself apart from the competition, especially during the warmer months when it’s all too easy for an office to become dirty.

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