Have you ever tried to hammer a nail with a shoe? Tighten a screw with a butter knife? Dry a shirt with a hair dryer? All these efforts eventually work out well enough to get you by. But since you’re not using the tools specifically designed for each task, it’s likely to take longer, deliver less-than-desirable results, and make you look a little bit silly! The same can be said of the makeshift tools that you may use to manage your cleaning business. You may find that you’re getting by, but you know there just has to be a better way to accomplish tasks such as producing successful bids for potential customers. The good news? You’re right… There is a better way.
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Get Prepared to Manage A Cleaning Business

When you thought about what it would take to manage a cleaning business, you may have been attracted by the ease of initial entry into the industry. Perhaps you thought, with just a mop and a bucket, you could build your business from the ground up. The bad news? While this may have been true several years ago, this is no longer the case. Customers of today have increasingly high expectations of their cleaning company. With access to the internet, business owners can compare dozens of cleaning companies offering cleaning bids. This means one of your trickiest tasks as you manage a cleaning business is to create competitive bids that don’t undersell your services, underprice your expenses, or overshoot your potential customer’s budget. You need a tool that will equip you with the ability to calculate, budget and track employee clean hours in a way that is justifiable and allows your prospect to compare “apples to apples” to keep the field fair.

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The Most Important Tool of the Cleaning Trade

The best way to achieve this is by utilizing the ISSA guidelines as you create your bids. The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) has established these detailed descriptions of 612 cleaning production rates that identify the average length of time that it should take a cleaner to complete each individual contracted cleaning task that may appear in your bids. These rates are applicable to industrial, commercial and educational facilities. So, while you could attempt to manually crunch the bid numbers for: – Multiple locations – Differing building sizes – Each type and size of every floor – Room uses … that tedious effort might take you until this time next year to get an actual, accurate number! It’s kind of like trying to build a house using a stiletto for a hammer! Instead, why not use the tool that is specifically designed to support your efforts? The Janitorial Manager bidding assistance software automatically incorporates each of the 600+ ISSA cleaning times alongside customizable buildouts for potential customers’ spaces. With this information, you can quickly calculate the approximate amount of time necessary to complete a total job (or specific sections of it).

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The right tool for accomplishing the bidding tasks that are required of you when you manage a cleaning business is found not in a toolbox. Rather, it’s right in the palm of your hand… a simple, Cloud-based app. This affordable bidding software arms you with information, innovation and insights into how your business is functioning and allows you to seamlessly and spontaneously respond to customers’ needs, offer competitive bids and finetune the essential functions of your commercial cleaning business. For more information on how you can arm yourself with the most important tool you need to manage a cleaning business, contact Janitorial Manager for a free one-on-one demo today!