No matter how good of a job you do, occasional cleaning complaints are inevitable. Here’s how you can reduce those complaints with the help of an inspections app.

Hard work usually pays off, but sometimes you’ll still find yourself with an unhappy customer, even if only temporarily. Cleaning complaints may not be common, especially if you’re doing a good job, but they do come about with some regularity.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help reduce cleaning complaints from customers. Part of that is adapting your business to ensure that you’re not giving anyone anything to complain about, but part of that also has to do with how you communicate with customers during the cleaning process.

Technology has come a long way in being able to help mitigate the number of cleaning complaints you receive in any given period. For example, janitorial inspections apps can help pinpoint problems and resolve them before a cleaning complaint even comes your way.

Here are a few ways that janitorial inspections apps like Janitorial Manager can work to reduce or eliminate cleaning complaints so you can focus on having happy customers and people who respect, appreciate, and value your business.

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Cleaning Complaints

5 Features of janitorial inspections apps that help prevent commercial cleaning complaints from customers

1. Real-time communications

Perhaps one of the best tools that a janitorial inspection app provides is real-time communication between you, your employees, and your clients so you can swiftly address and rectify any concerns that might come up during or after a job. For example, if a client is unhappy with the way work is being performed, they can send you a note through the janitorial inspection app, and you can reply immediately with potential solutions. You can also clue employees into the concerns brought to your attention and get them to help fix any issues on the job while they’re still there.

By communicating in real-time and addressing issues right away, you reduce the likelihood that someone will make a formal complaint or, worse, go online and leave a negative review somewhere, which can hurt your business even more than a formal complaint. Not only that, but your clients will appreciate the swift response and rest easier knowing that if they aren’t happy with something, you’re there as quickly as can be to take care of their needs.

2. Inspections checklists

Janitorial Manager comes with customizable checklists you can use to ensure that an inspection or a job is going smoothly and guarantee that nothing gets missed. For the most part, if your staff has done everything on the checklist, there should be little room left for cleaning complaints since you’ve anticipated any potential problems and addressed them before the client even gets to see what kind of a job you’ve done. Your inspection is then created to mirror the checklist so you can inspect what you expect and assure your customers are receiving the service they agreed to.

3. In-app pictures

Pictures can say a thousand words, and that’s also true with janitorial inspection apps. Taking pictures to show the work you’ve done is a great way to satisfy clients or to get on top of any issues there may be. Using the app, your staff members can take pictures of a job well done and send them instantly to you or your clients so they can review the work and let you know if anything seems to be outstanding. The same way people have taken to social media and text messages to share images that say more than words ever could, Janitorial Manager comes with the same functionality so everyone involved in a job can know precisely what’s been done or what hasn’t been done, reducing the risk of formal customer cleaning complaints.

4. Track cleaning data

Janitorial inspections apps often will store metrics that can help you to identify patterns and potential problems before they arise. Running these reports and analyzing the data gives you insight into what’s getting done regularly and where your staff might be falling short. Use this data to your advantage to pivot your business practices before cleaning complaints arise. You’ll not only impress your clients, but you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you can anticipate customer issues and prevent them before anything gets to the point of dissatisfaction that would warrant a complaint.

5. Communicate with employees

A janitorial inspection app also allows you to share feedback with employees so you can provide praise on a job well done to bolster employee morale and retention., Or, you can provide coaching and training for continual improvement.. This can assure that if there’s an employee-specific problem, you can address it right away. Hopefully, this won’t be the case, but if it is, you know you have a resource to help you rectify the issue before a client gets to the point of a formal complaint.

Customer complaints, whether deserved or not, are never fun. But they don’t have to be an overwhelming part of your business, especially if you take steps to stop them before they start.

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